MedeAnalytics is a leader in healthcare analytics, providing innovative solutions that enable measurable impact for healthcare payers and providers. With the most advanced data orchestration in healthcare, payers and providers count on us to deliver actionable insights that improve financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. To date, we’ve helped uncover millions of dollars in savings annually.

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3 Steps Any Healthcare Organization Can Take to Improve Enterprise Analytics

By MedeAnalytics

By Kristin Weir When it comes down to the most basic purpose of why organizations use analytics, it’s simple: they want to uncover insights that help them take the next…

2019 Year in Review Video

By MedeAnalytics

Thank you for making this such a great year for MedeAnalytics! We’re proud of all the great work we’ve done together with our terrific clients and partners. To commemorate some of 2019’s special moments, we’ve created a fun 2019 Year in Review video to share with you.

Healthcare Organizations Recognize Importance of AI for Reporting

By MedeAnalytics

Healthcare providers continue to recognize the value of using AI in reporting operations throughout the organization. AI has many strengths when applied to the healthcare industry:

Why It’s Time for Healthcare to Move Toward AI Reporting

By MedeAnalytics

Business intelligence (BI) was a dramatic and significant step forward in healthcare industry reporting and a natural transition to artificial intelligence (AI) enabled real-time insights.

Why Healthcare Should “Double-Down” on Exploring AI-powered BI for Reporting

By MedeAnalytics

Many areas in healthcare rely not only on the collection of data but, importantly, the ability to decipher and act upon it. In that intersection, reporting was born.

MedeAnalytics Promotes the Importance of Early Breast Cancer Detection

By MedeAnalytics

In October, MedeAnalytics is recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide campaign to increase awareness, education and research about breast health and the importance of early detection. Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women, and one in eight women will get breast cancer in their life time. Through annual screenings like mammograms, women can survive breast cancer when it’s found and treated early.

Why Health Plans and Employers Need Stop Loss Reporting

By MedeAnalytics

Due to rising healthcare costs and the Affordable Care Act removing the ban on capitated benefits coverage, numerous employers with self-insured health plans often purchase stop loss coverage. This coverage is not medical insurance; but rather, it’s a financial and risk management tool that protects the employer from excessive claims.

Bridge the Payer/Provider Data Gap

By MedeAnalytics

Every patient has a plethora of data associated with their health record, which can include decades of enrollments, claims, accounts and charges. Much of this data is not housed within the same institutional, facility or provider database…

Digging deeper: Leveraging analytics to boost service line profitability

By MedeAnalytics

Regardless of the size of the hospital or health system, you need to look beyond traditional operational metrics to fully understand your organization’s performance. Insights into revenue, volume, cost, quality and variation across service lines are key to improving both performance and profitability.

The State of Payer Analytics

By MedeAnalytics

Transforming data into a competitive advantage for health plans is more important than ever. Rapid changes in the healthcare industry—such as new risk models, the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act and game-changing mergers—are placing new obstacles on payers. The mounting pressure to support these industry transformations and the overall delivery of care has led to increased investments in analytics.

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