Optimize return on your analytics investments

Analytics solutions require significant investments of time and money—but many health plans are not seeing the returns or effects they'd hoped for. This is often a result of insufficient user adoption, monitoring and ongoing education. MedeAdopt is a self-service tool built to help you ensure that users are extending—rather than limiting—the value and impact of your MedeAnalytics solutions.

Applying data to support your users


Insufficient onboarding and utilization reporting leads to low adoption and engagement


Manual, sparse communications limit user awareness of new features and hinder them from sharing feedback

Analytics in action

MedeAdopt provides real-time, on demand product usage analytics and onboarding, training, and in-app messaging that seamlessly integrate with your analytics solution.

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MedeAdopt_desktop image

Examine user segments to target training and in-app guides 

Find top utilizers and top-used analyses 

Get high-level statistics and trends for your users 

View user data by page and feature usage 

Dive deeper into MedeAdopt

Download the data sheet to see how MedeAdopt gives health plans the data points necessary to inform business decisions and drive user behavior to improve satisfaction, cost savings, communications and engagement.

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Healthcare providers and health systems

Healthcare Providers and Health Systems

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Healthcare payers and health plans

Healthcare Payers and health plans

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