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MedeAnalytics is a leader in healthcare analytics, providing innovative solutions that enable measurable impact for healthcare payers and providers. With the most advanced data orchestration in healthcare, payers and providers count on us to deliver actionable insights that improve financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. To date, we’ve helped uncover millions of dollars in savings annually.

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What Makes a Wellness Program Succeed or Fail? Behavior, Motivation, and Personality

By MedeAnalytics

Intuition and recent studies have proven that wellness programs, which actively leverage activity trackers, are great but one size definitely doesn’t fit all. This piece explores the history of activity trackers, how they play out in wellness program and an analysis of one global company’s wellness program participation data. Read more on the full MedCity News […]

How social media and fitness tracker data can revolutionize healthcare

By MedeAnalytics

For a healthcare data scientist, having lots of data is great. But according to Dr. David Mould in his recent IBM Magazine article, strong predictor variables are even more valuable than having a vast data warehouse. Dr. Mould explores the specifics on how new data sources such as fitness monitors trackers and social media can […]

Boost Data Transparency with APCDs

By MedeAnalytics

All-payer claims databases (APCDs) would benefit from mapping morbidity rates to the data resulting in pricing transparency, as well as pricing, efficiency and performance assessments that can be compared among providers. Mapping morbidity rates using publicly available data would create a clear idea of healthcare effectiveness and enrich the data, enabling patterns of care and […]

From Working in Rice Fields to Mede CTO

By MedeAnalytics

Struggles and character-building experiences are the mark of a true leader. In the case of Mede’s Chief Technology Officer, Ping Zhang, it’s a story of constant bootstrapping that brought him to his leadership position today and inspired him to make a meaningful impact on today’s healthcare system. Here’s a preview of Ping’s rags to riches […]

Self-Pay: Determining Optimal Care Before the Visit Even Happens

By MedeAnalytics

By Tom Schaal, Senior Product Manager, Hospital Revenue Cycle Solution The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has opened the doors to many new challenges for healthcare organizations, among them is the changed self-pay landscape. While self-pay – defined by both uninsured and self-pay after insurance – has always been a part of the healthcare ecosystem, the […]

The Latest Medicare Data Release – Too Much, Too Little?

By MedeAnalytics

Many in the healthcare community are concerned with the unprecedented government release of Medicare payment data. Secretary Sebelius made it clear earlier in June that this won’t be the last of it either. Is it too much? Is it not enough? What if people misuse the data? These are just some of the concerns various […]

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