We’re presenting at MESC 2015 to share our success with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid

Tomorrow at MESC Conference 2015, we will be presenting the success of Mississippi DOM’s Medicaid Clinical Provider Portal with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. If you’re attending come see us at 9:30 a.m. ET in Room 319.

The session will cover how the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) deployed Provider Access, a clinical portal that gives Medicaid physicians real-time access to a single source of clinical data from multiple health systems on DOM beneficiaries. Medicaid providers now have insight into a patient’s longitudinal health record for all DOM beneficiaries with the ability to export Medicaid clinical data from the portal directly into their EMRs (a Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirement). This clinical portal leverages DOM’s EMPI—a critical component as DOM moves toward MITA 3.0—that manages over 2.3 million potential beneficiaries’ identities.

Chris Smith, clinical data interoperability program manager at Mississippi DOM, will discuss this innovative project including, the core elements of the clinical portal fostering population health and interoperability, the challenges surmounted in the face of this new program along with funding, adoption rates, capabilities and results—a year after implementation.

For the complete conference agenda and additional details on MESC Conference 2015, visit here


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