Wise Health System

Utilized real-time clinical and financial data to elevate performance and drive patient satisfaction

Measurable impact

Partnering with MedeAnalytics data analytics solutions empowered Wise Health to make system-wide changes in revenue cycle management, organizational culture and customer care.

increase in CMI
reduction in heart failure readmissions
reduction in unspecified code usage
reduction in ED utilization

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

Wise Health System was looking out at massive chasms between various operations strategies, multiple IT systems, and disconnected processes and people. To bridge this gap, Wise needed to:

  • Leverage analytics for clinical quality improvement
  • Enhance workflow and collaboration between revenue cycle staff members
  • Synergize clinical and financial operations
  • Integrate technology between sites and teams
  • Improve clinical documentation
  • Based in Decatur, TX
  • Affiliated with Baylor Scott and White Healthcare System
  • Inpatient and outpatient services at 24+ locations
  • 1,300+ employees

The Solution

Using MedeAnalytics’ Revenue Cycle Management solutions, Wise Health was able to create efficiencies in patient access, mid-cycle processes, and business office functions. These improvements included:


Real-time analytics to improve point-of-service collections during patient registration and payment clearance processes

Opportunities to improve revenue capture, minimize audit risk and succeed with ICD-10

Identification of black holes, bottleneck and outliers to improve cash flow and collections, as well as avoid lost revenue and reimbursement delays

Self-service dashboards and reports providing visibility into A/R and denials with trends, drill downs and causal analysis

Ability to monitor and improve staff productivity and efficiency

Together, these meaningful shifts brought about remarkable operational value and clinical outcomes. Beyond that, a shared source of data and insights allowed various teams and sites of care to work together more seamlessly for the benefit of the patient.

“As we continued to grow and diversify our patient offerings, it became clear that we needed a continuous process for operations and management across the enterprise.”

Lynn Giddens-Branscum

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management and Audits

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“The analytics and insights-driven collaborative culture has enabled us to grow, evolve and make Wise Health System a great place to work.”

Lynn Giddens-Branscum

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management and Audits

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