Community-focused health system

Enhanced enterprise-wide strategic plan management and alignment

Measurable impact

With MedeAnalytics, this integrated, community-focused health system found innovative ways to address departmental challenges, ultimately yielding significant results:

  • Superior audit status tracking with unprecedented accountability
  • Significant time savings in compliance and auditing processes
  • Highly engaged leadership and senior management
  • Complete visibility into status of new projects and initiatives

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

The health system's compliance department had hit several challenging roadblocks that were costing the organization time and money. These obstacles included:

  • Overly manual processes for tracking audits in Excel files
  • Little transparency into progress of audit projects
  • Heavy workload on internal audit managers
  • Various essential functions missing

Needing help to overcome these issues, the organization sought out solutions for automating more compliance functions, improving team accountability, and increasing visibility into project-level data and progress.

  • Integrated healthcare system
  • Serves 29 counties in four states
  • Spans 20+ hospitals and facilities

The Solution

Now, the community-focused health system leverages MedeAchieve to improve strategic plan management and alignment across the enterprise. With approximately 250 individual users across various departments, MedeAchieve helps the organization clearly define, track and execute on its strategic and operational objectives.

MedeAchieve offers leadership access to regular reports that detail the progress of strategic initiatives. “We assign leadership at the initiative level so they can see exactly what’s been assigned and what their team is working on," said the organization's Internal Audit Manager. “And then on the action step level, a team member is designated as responsible for addressing that piece, making it easier to track our findings.”

These capabilities also give leaders complete visibility into project progress (or lack thereof), which in turn drives team accountability and ensures timely completion.

Presbyterian is already working on plans to further their predictive and optimization analytics with MedeAnalytics innovative solutions.

“MedeAchieve allows us to solve issues creatively, decrease administrative burden among managers, and improve employee accountability and engagement.”

Senior Planning Analyst for the health system

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