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Maximized employer client value with improved analysis and reporting

Measurable impact

One of the largest health plans in the Midwest used MedeAnalytics Employer Reporting to meet the needs of employer clients through automated, detailed reporting.

The implementation of Employer Reporting quickly drove:

reduction in ad-hoc client requests

Organization-wide accessibility, accuracy & consistency

Significant time savings in data analysis & reporting

Improved client satisfaction & user reviews

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

This innovative health plan had outgrown its homecooked reporting solution and was increasingly noticing inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and unsatisfactory client reports. The organization turned to MedeAnalytics for support:

  • Meeting client needs for more sophisticated data analysis
  • Offering deeper levels of understanding regarding trends in target populations
  • Implementing self-service reporting
  • 1M+ members served annually
  • 120+ hospitals
  • 30k+ providers in network
  • 1,600 employees

The Solution

The health plan launched a competitive RFP process, but ultimately picked MedeAnalytics’ Employer Reporting given the comprehensive platform’s ability to:

Provide a deep level of data and report customization

Maintain the flexibility enjoyed with the home-grown solution

Help departments to be self-sufficient in their reporting

Track data anytime, from anywhere

Offer accurate data through a single source

Inform organization-wide action plans


Given the success and positive results seen from Employer Reporting, the health plan also intends to further collaborate to achieve other important goals.

“We wanted to look at what we had been delivering and then decide on the best course of action moving forward. That’s why we chose MedeAnalytics.”

Reporting Manager at the Midwestern health plan

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