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Ardent Health Services

Maintaining excellence in CDI while supporting strategic initiatives​

Measurable impact

Lacking the detailed insights to quickly improve CDI core metrics such as CMI and CC/MCC capture, and with tools that were limiting their ability to monitor audit trends and respond to external payer audits, Ardent Health Services turned to MedeAnalytics to better support teams across their HIM department. The partnership has surpassed their expectations:

less time building reports
reduction in LOS for 2 DRGs
increase in CMI
increase in CC/MCC capture rate

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

Ensuring patient care is delivered, documented, and billed appropriately takes many teams. Ardent Health Services needed tools to support their HIM teams to manage audits, track trends, discover documentation improvement opportunities, and see specifics which physicians needed what education. Ardent turned to MedeAnalytics for a single platform that could scale analytics across their 30 facilities.

About Ardent 

  • Headquartered in Nashville, TN
  • 5 regional divisions including:

– 30 hospitals

– 25,000 employees

– 1,300 employed providers

– $4.4 billion in revenue

“Our priority is always patient care, and to deliver it effectively we needed a more efficient, reliable strategy for handling audits. We needed to improve our reporting and monitoring capabilities while still saving time, resources and dollars. To help us on this journey, we chose MedeAnalytics.”

Melissa Barreras, RHIA
AVP, HIM Operations

The Solution

Ardent Health Services and MedeAnalytics worked together to deploy a meaningful suite of CDI and audit dashboards, reports and processes that have helped drive improvement initiatives across all facilities.


  • Increase staff efficiency in responding to external audits
  • Enhance data analytics accuracy and decrease time to build reports
  • Improve CMI, CC/MCC capture rate and decrease ALOS


Together, MedeAnalytics and Ardent implemented a flexible, holistic solution. They successfully maximized ROI by:

  • Standardizing processes and analytics reports across all 30 facilities
  • Monitoring high risk claims and implement internal audit on a single platform
  • Providing drill-down level details into CDI improvement opportunities
  • Using automatic reporting to reduce time spent pulling data

“MedeAnalytics has supported our focus on decision-based insights, so we can solve the problems of the day without being distracted from continually improving our core metrics.”

Trevor Snow,
VP of HIM, Ardent Health Services

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