RI-Revenue Integrity.Reliable, proactive reporting empowers smarter operational decision-making

Revenue Integrity Suite

Reliable, proactive reporting empowers smarter operational decision-making

With rising costs and compliance complexity, it is more important than ever to ensure appropriate reimbursements, minimize audit risks, and maximize productivity to ultimately maintain profitability and deliver optimal care. Our Revenue Integrity Suite makes it simple to have a clear picture of how documentation, coding and compliance performance are impacting net revenue.

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Delivering comprehensive solutions to your revenue integrity challenges


Ineffective audit response results in fines and penalties



Insufficient coding and documentation performance



Pervasive compliance issues elevate organizational risk



Siloed, incomplete data prevents clinicians from professional advancement

Celebrating big wins with Revenue Integrity Suite

Ardent Health Services saw a 95% reduction in time spent building reports

Ardent Health Services

Equipped with a meaningful suite of CDI and audit dashboards, reports and processes, Ardent successfully standardized processes and analytics reports across all 30 facilities and used flexible, automated reporting to increase staff efficiency.
Ardent Health Services saw a 95% reduction in time spent building reports
OHSU experienced a 21% increase in CMI

Oregon Health and Science University

Faced with a disengaged physician group, lack of reliable data, and insufficient CDI resources, OHSU partnered with MedeAnalytics to augment physician-level reporting, develop robust CDI education programs, and implement regular physician performance reviews.
OHSU experienced a 21% increase in CMI

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. In as little as three clicks, we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to help you make an even bigger impact at your organization.

As you click through our examples below, hover over the image to explore a few key features.

Audit Monitor
AM-Desktop image only

Manage internal and external audits through our robust workflow tool and gain valuable insights into your top audit trends

Quickly see trends for each type of audit your team is managing

Easily export reports to PDF, PPT or other shareable formats

CDI Insights

Dive deeper into Revenue Integrity Suite

Download the data sheet for next-level details about how Revenue Integrity Suite can transform your operational effectiveness.

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Optimize patient satisfaction during the patient registration and payment clearance processes with critical, real-time analytics information.

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See how clinical operations affect your bottom line with complete visibility into compliance risk and clinical documentation performance.


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Use powerful analytics capabilities to generate end-to-end insights into how patient access activities are impacting the back-office outcomes.

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