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Employer Insights

Focused, real-time analytics cultivates loyalty and retention of commercial clients

As membership steadily declines, health plans are experiencing intensified pressure to demonstrate effectiveness and value to commercial accounts​. Data-powered, actionable insights are mission-critical to improving efficiency and responsiveness, augmenting transparency in reporting, and empowering employers and brokers with the information they need to manage costs effectively.

Delivering comprehensive solutions to your employer relationship challenges


Lack the analysis and automation capabilities employers require to fully understand and support their populations


Insufficient, inconsistent services result in disengaged, dissatisfied employers and brokers



Struggle to prove value and worth of health plan to commercial accounts



Celebrating big wins with Employer Insights

Kaiser reduced ad-hoc report turnaround times by 80% with a 6-month payback

Large California Payvider

This payvider had a wealth of data, but it was separated into varying data systems and departments, reducing its flexibility and effectiveness. With MedeAnalytics, this organization saw incredible reductions in turn-around-times, including an 80% reduction in TAT on ad-hoc reports for healthcare analysis and reporting. By combining clinical and claims data with the advanced analytic capabilities, they demonstrated the ability to solve some of healthcare's toughest challenges.

Kaiser reduced ad-hoc report turnaround times by 80% with a 6-month payback

Northeast health plan

This plan leveraged analytics to transform its client relationships from “report writers” to “trusted advisors”—ultimately improving client satisfaction and retention.

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. In as little as three clicks, we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to help you make an even bigger impact at your organization.


As you click through our example dashboards, hover over the image to explore a few key features.

Financial Overview
Financial Overview Dashboard-desktop

Assess the drivers of PMPM payment performance

Drill into areas where there could be opportunities to reduce network leakage

High Cost Claimants
Small Group
Enrollment Overview
Cost and Utilization Drivers

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Download the data sheet to learn more about how Employer Insights can help you remain competitive in an aggressive market.

Download the data sheet to learn more about how Stop Loss can help you monitor and manage the financial impacts of high-cost claimants.

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Everything you need to step into the future of healthcare and drive real change across populations.


Quality Insights

Activate insights into population health and quality to improve satisfaction and outcomes for members and maintain a competitive position in the market.


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Employer Insights

Elevate data sharing with employer groups to demonstrate plan value and increase efficacy of risk stratification and care management plans.


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Network Insights

Accelerate provider performance with evidence-based outcomes comparisons, cost-effectiveness analyses, and extensive segmentation capabilities.


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