success story

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Excelled in customer care while improving staff morale and productivity

Measurable Impact

After adopting MedeAnalytics Employer Reporting, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) achieved record metrics, including:

Payback time on solution
.6 mos
Reduction in ad-hoc report TAT
Reduction in standard report turn around time (TAT)
Savings from increased efficiencies & revenue growth

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

Most of the issues this organization was facing are challenges that face many payers throughout the healthcare industry, including:

  • Information rich, insights poor
  • High customer attrition
  • Siloed data
  • Turn Around Times (TAT) clocking in at 3+ weeks for standard and ad-hoc reporting


  • Born from the merger of Blue Cross of RI and Blue Shield of RI in 1982
  • 700+ employees
  • 425K+ lives covered
  • $7B revenue in 2020

“As we moved into this self-service analytics environment with Employer Reporting, we noticed a meaningful increase in customer satisfaction. The ability to provide our brokers and employers with real-time data and analytics insights has been critical to our success. Since deployment, we won back many of the contracts that we’d lost in prior years – including some of the largest clients within the state – and gained a significant list of new customers, as well.”

Angelo Pirri

Manager, Employer Analytics, BCBSRI

The Solution

MedeAnalytics and BCBSRI collaborated closely to set actionable goals and guiding strategies for successfully deploying the Employer Reporting solution. These included:


  • Deliver 360-degree view of a single source of truth for employer and broker customers
  • Put powerful, self-service tools in the hands of customers
  • Identify opportunities for standardization and cost savings
  • Reduce report TAT to increase customer retention
  • Equip information consultants to be clients’ strategic advisors
  • Provide value-added services and data-powered information to help clients create multi-year plans
  • Transform staff productivity and morale


  • Set measurable metrics to work toward (e.g. TAT time)
  • Focus on value to customers, executives, and internal stakeholders that will pay back on investments
  • Set realistic expectations for deployment and ramp up
  • Reimagine the role of the analyst to take full advantage of new efficiency and productivity opportunities

This in-depth, unified planning effort paid off remarkably. Deploying Employer Reporting halted the loss of strategic clients, transformed staff productivity, redefined information consultants’ roles to better serve customers, dramatically reduced TAT time, and boosted customer and staff satisfaction.


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