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Kaiser Permanente

Harmonized clinical and financial data to empower employers
and brokers

Measurable Impact

Kaiser Permanente partnered with MedeAnalytics to deploy an ambitious initiative: Kaiser Permanente Analytic Insights. This project yielded remarkable results:

Payback time on solution
.0 mos
RX savings per script for HIV patients
Reduction in ad-hoc report TAT for analysis/reporting
Reduction in ad-hoc report TAT for employers/brokers

The story behind the numbers...

The Challenge

Kaiser Permanente had a wealth of data, but it was separated into varying data systems and departments, reducing its flexibility and effectiveness. As a result, they found it quite difficult to:

  • Obtain a single source of truth
  • Drill down into actionable insights and understand cost drivers
  • Keep claims data lag at or below market norm
  • Respond to ad-hoc queries in a timely manner
  • Create custom reports that satisfied clients
  • Make any improvements without deploying a large-scale project

About Kaiser Permanente:

  • Integrated care and coverage
  • Mission to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare services and to improve the health of members and communities
  • 5 million members
  • 763 hospitals and medical offices
  • 34 effectiveness-of-care measures
  • 9 states offering in-person care
  • 39 million prescriptions delivered to members in 2020
  • 95 million virtual connections between members and care teams in 2020
  • One of the first integrated systems to launch EMR

"The root cause of many of our analytics challenges--and the reason we partnered with MedeAnalytics--was disconnected, siloed data. Now, we have one unified source of accurate, real-time data and actionable insights to support our business needs and improve our decision-making."

Dave Holt

Director, Underwriting, Kaiser Permanente

The Solution

Kaiser Permanente had a strong foundation of data-driven principles. As a unique combination of health plan and clinical provider, they wanted to use data to inform and improve patient engagement and care at every level of interaction. By partnering with MedeAnalytics, Kaiser Permanente hoped to:


  • Integrate population health and claims data to understand key drivers & utilization trends
  • Drive transparency and deeper understanding into the overall health of the population and its impact on cost of care
  • Enable actionable insights and focus on proactive initiatives instead of reactive responses
  • Differentiate Kaiser Permanente in the healthcare marketplace
  • Improve reporting ad hoc responsiveness for customers and brokers
  • Enable meaningful customer conversations on the Kaiser Permanente clinical care approach to be told through data
  • Deliver superior customer service to capture share of mind and market from competitors


MedeAnalytics applied its thorough understanding of Kaiser Permanente’s distinct structure, approach and goals to customize their journey and solution. This thoughtful and collaborative partnership, aptly named Kaiser Permanente Analytic Insights, included a customizable suite of dashboards and reports, robust data analytics, industry benchmarks and much more.

Using an ambassador network, implementation liaisons, and a mandatory learning series, Kaiser Permanente Analytic Insights enjoyed high adoption and yielded remarkable results, including:

  • By using MedeAnalytics’ compression methodology to integrate Kaiser Permanente’s clinical and financial data warehouses
    • One Kaiser customer implemented a smoke-free campus policy after seeing cost & utilization analysis of smokers vs. non-smokers
    • Another customer is now able to use cohort analysis on its weight management program to evaluate outcomes and impact
  • By offering actionable insights on clinical data
    • A mid-size employer was inspired to work with Kaiser’s internal physician partners to deliver on-site education on preventive care and access options
    • A large customer realized dangerously high opioid utilization trends and used Kaiser Permanente’s appropriate prescribing programs with network physicians

"MedeAnalytics is a wonderful partner. They have really helped us be able to take our vision and create a solution that made it reality. It was not always an easy journey, but MedeAnalytics provided the experience and perspectives needed to drive our analytics initiative forward. "

Kathryn Elder

Senior Consultant in National Customer Analytics & Reporting

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Harmonizing clinical and financial data to enable actionable insights for employers and brokers at Kaiser Permanente


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