Immediate Data Insights Help Hospitals and Health Plans Manage Coronavirus Impact and Resource Planning

Richardson, Texas – (April 15, 2020) – MedeAnalytics, a healthcare analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader, announced today it has begun rolling out interactive COVID-19 analytics dashboards to its clients. Within MedeAnalytics products, healthcare providers and health plans can now access immediate data insights to help them assess the impact of COVID-19. The company’s goal is to help its clients better understand and manage the strain on financial and operational resources.

MedeAnalytics’ coronavirus-focused dashboards will help provide healthcare organizations with analyses of at-risk populations, utilization shifts, COVID-19 testing cases, telehealth visits, COVID-19 claims, changes in billed charges and accounts receivable, as well as supply usage and shifts in surgical and emergency department (ED) throughput.

“Our clients are on the front lines of a battle, and they need every bit of support we can give them,” said Paul Kaiser, CEO of MedeAnalytics. “For our part, we’ve devised a way for our clients to view coronavirus-specific and related data in a concise, accessible view that can help them quickly analyze and more easily manage patient and member care, treatment protocols, staffing needs, medical supplies and more.”

The new COVID-19 dashboards are integrated into the following MedeAnalytics solutions:

  • Revenue Integrity: Trends around COVID-19 claims by facility, primary and secondary diagnoses, primary procedure, LOS, SOI, mortality and other measures
  • Business Office: Impact of COVID-19 on service line, AR forecasting, reserves modeling, payments, collections and denials
  • Patient Access: Real-time trends on COVID-19 related testing, exposure and admissions, patient volume, telehealth visits and billed charges
  • Value Based Performance Management: Data on at-risk populations, shifts in services, impacts on preventative care and medication compliance, as well as changes in hospital acquired conditions
  • Payer Operations: Analytic insights into provider billing for COVID-19 claims, identifying and protecting at-risk members, and understanding cost and usage variations

Using the interactive dashboards, MedeAnalytics clients can examine COVID-19 data to assess the severity of the pandemic in their facilities and communities, and to understand where resources and focus will be needed in the coming days, weeks and months.

The COVID-19 interactive dashboards are being made available to MedeAnalytics’ clients in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and clients are already receiving consultation and training. View the COVID-19 FAQs to get more information about the company’s response to the pandemic.

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