Meet MedeAnalytics’ new CEO, Paul Kaiser

Last month, Paul Kaiser was appointed as the new CEO. In his first few weeks, he focused on meeting with our teams and clients. We caught up with Paul to hear more about his background, what he’s observed so far and what he hopes to accomplish in the year ahead:

Can you share more details about your experiences prior to Mede?

Over the past 14 years, I’ve held several roles on the provider (Cerner), payer (TriZetto) and middle (TriZetto Provider Solutions) sides of healthcare. This afforded me a unique first-hand view of the healthcare value-chain, and where that chain diverges and converges. Having both perspectives is enormously important in a market where these sides come together to administer better healthcare in a value-based reimbursement market. Mede has long served both markets so I’m thrilled that I get to share my experience as well.

In the first month that you’ve been at Mede, what have you seen and what are you most excited about?

The commitment of our team is unparalleled. The desire to make a difference and contribute to our client’s success is nothing like I’ve ever seen. This is what makes Mede a truly exciting place. When you combine really smart people with a commitment to make a difference, the possibilities are endless.

It has also been incredible to see and hear about the immense value we’re driving for our clients. The feedback about our technology, the business impacts we are having within our client’s organizations and the future vision for how they will be using MedeAnalytics to create analytics-driven culture change is overwhelmingly positive. We have an incredible client base. It’s very exciting to see the value in the data we’re providing clients and how that is helping them cross the chasm to performance-based management cultures.

Finally, the product and technology teams’ work to develop a world-class big data platform is amazing. The amount of data we process and turn into value-driving data visualizations and actionable workflow is incredible. To be at a company capable of making such material contributions to our clients’ success is energizing.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for Mede clients?

From my years seeing both the provider and payer perspectives, it is clear to me that very few organizations are driving their businesses and operations from an enterprise, data-driven level. For example, you often see C-suite leadership in a hospital or health system establish a vision for the enterprise and from that direction, teams will create initiatives designed to achieve those goals. But once goals are established, there is little real-time intervention or progress monitoring. This means that organizations typically don’t realize something is off-course until the reporting phase. However, if an organization can tie data analytics from across the enterprise together, it can observe and influence results in real-time, allowing the organization to course-correct and deliver on initiatives from the department to the individual level. Data-driven performance management is the only route to optimal success in today’s market.

What are Mede’s top priorities in the coming year?

We work with the largest healthcare solution providers and health systems in the country, and they are depending on us. We need to be stellar and deliver on our commitments.

We also want to ensure scalability and stability for our clients via our platform. As we look towards Mede’s next phase, our focus will be to continue delivering a high-performing technology platform that can scale in the market. We also want to enable client-led innovation by extending configuration and integration layers to our clients as well as third-party certified business partners.

How do you see MedeAnalytics growing and/or evolving to support clients amidst an everchanging healthcare landscape?

Change is the one constant in healthcare. Whether it is through government or regulatory shifts, moving away from fee-for-service to alternative payment models or performance-based reporting with MACRA and MIPS, change is certain. Whenever an organization tries to respond to change and create new business strategies, it needs data and analytics to make smart decisions. Organizations also need to be more performance oriented to optimize health outcomes based on real data. Mede can be a part of that. Regardless of whether the government decides to keep the Affordable Care Act in place or implement some other version, from a data analytics perspective, we are in a great positon to support our clients with the tools to be nimble and make strong, smart, data-driven decisions. 

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MedeAnalytics is a leader in healthcare analytics, providing innovative solutions that enable measurable impact for healthcare payers and providers. With the most advanced data orchestration in healthcare, payers and providers count on us to deliver actionable insights that improve financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. To date, we’ve helped uncover millions of dollars in savings annually.

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