Jackson, Miss. (April 16, 2019) – Today MedeAnalytics and the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) announced that DOM has become the nation’s first Medicaid agency to receive clinical data summaries directly from its managed care organizations (MCOs). Magnolia Health, one of the agency’s MCO partners, is the first to participate. The initiative builds on work the agency did with MedeAnalytics to create the nation’s first Medicaid clinical data exchange with health care providers.

This accomplishment helps DOM gain insights into its Medicaid population and better understand how therapies or procedures affect health outcomes and the cost of care. This data exchange also paves the way for future transmission of data from DOM to Magnolia Health, which will help the MCO make more informed decisions while actively managing the health of Mississippi’s Medicaid population.

“This initiative helps us promote the health and wellness of Medicaid beneficiaries across the region, and we’re proud to be part of this ground-breaking work,” said Aaron Sisk, president and CEO of Magnolia Health. “By sending data such as medications and lab results to DOM, we’re ultimately providing hospitals and clinics with the information they need to improve care for Medicaid beneficiaries.”

The clinical data exchange is powered by MedeAnalytics, a leader in healthcare analytics. In 2014, MedeAnalytics established and standardized DOM’s enterprise master patient index in a multi-year initiative that serves as the core identity management service and allows for easy management of a patient’s unique longitudinal record. This laid the groundwork for a clinical data interface and data sharing with external stakeholders.

The agency exchanges data with provider groups including University of Mississippi Medical Center, Hattiesburg Clinic, and Singing River Health System. MedeAnalytics receives clinical data information for approximately 380,000 beneficiaries, representing more than half of the agency’s 675,000 beneficiaries.

“After surpassing the three million transaction mark with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, our new partnership with Magnolia Health represents the next step in our goal to accelerate data sharing to improve care for Mississippians on Medicaid,” said Drew Snyder, DOM executive director. “With meaningful clinical data being shared between our agency, provider partners, and now managed care organizations, we expect to ultimately drive better care and better outcomes.”

“With this additional layer of data exchange, DOM continues to set the standard for how agencies of its kind share clinical data with external stakeholders—both payers and providers—to improve the care of its beneficiaries,” said Paul Kaiser, chief executive officer of MedeAnalytics. “We’re honored to have played a part in developing the infrastructure that enables the agency’s pioneering work.”

About Mississippi Division of Medicaid

Medicaid is a state and federal program created by the Social Security Amendments of 1965 (PL 89-97), authorized by Title XIX of the Social Security Act to provide health coverage for eligible, low income populations. In 1969, Medicaid was enacted by the Mississippi Legislature. All 50 states, five territories of the United States and District of Columbia participate in this voluntary matching program. The mission of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid is to responsibly provide access to quality health coverage for vulnerable Mississippians by conducting operations with accountability, consistency and respect.

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