Updated, intuitive user interface empowers health plans and employer groups to perform analytics and reporting in real-time

Emeryville, Calif. – (May 05, 2014)MedeAnalytics today announced Employer Reporting 3.0, which includes Benefit Modeler and Member Profile capabilities as well as a new user interface compatible with PCs and tablet devices. Powered by the industry’s leading big data technologies, health plans utilizing Employer Reporting can now improve an employer group’s experience during renewal periods through benefit design efficiencies, optimizations and ongoing value to the employer group.

“In an ever-evolving industry, it’s important to continually innovate and bring new resources to the table that improve processes and efficiently deliver better results,” said Michelle Sieling, MedeAnalytics Senior Director of Product Marketing. “That is why after the unveiling of Employer Reporting 2.0, we immediately returned to the drawing board with our partners – health plans, employer groups and brokers. Now, just eight months later, we are proud to introduce the third generation of our Employer Reporting solution that offers the industry’s only true one-stop-shop for employer groups and health plans.”

Benefit Modeler gives health plans the ability to drive increased renewals through tighter integration with their employers. Health plan executives and managers can now analyze member behaviors with employer groups in real-time, enabling them to efficiently design plans that are tailored specifically to their members’ needs. Member Profile offers an integrated, longitudinal patient record that includes claims history, revenue, clinical data and gaps in care. By providing this holistic view of a patient, care managers and physicians can make better quality care decisions for their patients in near real time. The new user interface offers self-service and personalized access to advanced analytics.

“Health plans and employer groups have long yearned for a real-time solution during the renewal process – one that will minimize the time spent selecting and building plans designed to meet the exact needs of their members,” said Scott Paddock, MedeAnalytics Senior Vice President and General Manager of Health Plan Solutions Division. “We are proud to release these next generation enhancements that further empower health plans to engage in deeper, evidence-based conversations with employer groups. We are committed to providing our customers with market leading solutions and will continue to innovate our products to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care.”

Employer Reporting is designed to offer data insight, interactive benefit modeling, and customizable reports to ensure cost-effective care for employer groups. By aggregating claims, fee, and enrollment data from diverse employers and health plans, the solution generates sophisticated reporting and data analysis. Leveraging MedeAnalytics’ robust analytics platform and new big data capabilities, the enhanced user interface empowers health plans with the ability to engage in more personalized, interactive dialogue with employer groups during renewal and prospect discussion.

About MedeAnalytics®

MedeAnalytics provides evidence-based insights to solve a real problem that plagues healthcare – how to use the immense amount of patient data collected along the care continuum to deliver cost-effective care and promote a healthier population. Its analytics platform delivers intelligence that helps healthcare organizations detect their greatest areas of risk and identify opportunities to improve their financial health. It empowers providers and payers to collaborate and use data to strengthen their operations and improve the quality of care. MedeAnalytics’ cloud-based tools have been used to analyze more than 21 billion patient encounters in the United States and United Kingdom, providing better care to more than 30 million patients and better business for 900 healthcare organizations. For more information, visit www.medeanalytics.com.