UST Global to Adopt MedeCreateTM Platform-as-a-Service for Friday Health Plan Implementation

DENVER, CO and ALISO VIEJO, CA March 28, 2019 — Today MedeAnalytics, a software as a service (SaaS) healthcare analytics company and UST Global, a business process as a service (BPaaS) firm, announced a partnership with a go-to-market strategy for leveraging new, leading-edge technology creating custom analytics for UST Global’s client, Friday Health Plans.

UST Global will be an early adopter for MedeAnalytics’ platform-as-a-service offering, MedeCreate. MedeCreate will equip and empower UST Global to rapidly implement robust analytics products and customize those solutions to meet the unique needs of Friday Health Plans. Currently, UST Global provides end-to-end business process services for Friday. “As a business process as a service company, we understand the importance of scalability, customization and speed of solution deployment to health plans” says John Schlichting, chief sales officer for UST Global. “We’re excited to be able to stand up new, personalized analytics offerings for Friday.”

Uncompromising Deliverability and Scalability

By harnessing the power of MedeCreate, organizations like UST can now quickly implement SaaS-based advanced analytics solutions that include predictive analytics, benchmarking, guided analysis, and machine learning; then personalize the dimensions, metrics and visualizations to fit their clients’ needs. UST will even be able to build new analytics applications using MedeCreate, the same tool MedeAnalytics has come to rely on for years to build its SaaS solutions at scale.

“The work performed by UST for Friday Health Plan is a perfect match for MedeCreate, and exactly why we built it,” says Paul Kaiser, chief executive officer of MedeAnalytics. “Out-of-the-box analytics products are a hallmark of the MedeAnalytics SaaS portfolio, but we know that health plans like Friday want and need some level of customization for effectiveness and differentiation in their business operations; MedeCreate gives UST these capabilities for their client delivery.”

Analytics for Value

For healthcare analytics to be valuable, they must be accessible and usable. MedeCreate allows users to quickly build, customize, and deploy self-service and business-critical applications to deliver meaningful and actionable healthcare insights.

For Friday Health Plans, population health is one of those business-critical areas. Sal Gentile, chief executive officer and co-founder of Friday Health Plans explains, “One of the reasons our plans are so competitive is that we spend a lot of time really understanding the health of our member population. It allows us to create products that fit individual members. We’re very excited about the prospect of creating unique analytics capabilities that give us a retrospective and prospective view of member health.”

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