Complementary Solutions Leverage Data to Create Action & Accountability Plans for Healthcare Organizations to More Effectively Identify and Execute Performance Improvement Initiatives

Emeryville, Calif. – (November 18, 2014)MedeAnalytics, a pioneer in healthcare analytics, today announced the acquisition of OnFocus Healthcare, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare enterprise performance management solutions.

The synthesis of OnFocus Healthcare and MedeAnalytics will create the first “closed loop” analytics and execution-driven performance improvement solution for healthcare. OnFocus Healthcare’s embedded action planning, progress tracking and performance management functionality will integrate with existing MedeAnalytics solutions. This will enable organizations to plan, manage and sustain increased accountability and employee execution on critical initiatives and activities to drive improved results on key performance metrics across the enterprise. Customers will now have real-time, drill down analytical, reporting and action planning capabilities that make it easier and faster to identify, measure and achieve the desired outcomes of their performance improvement initiatives.

OnFocus Healthcare’s enterprise performance management (EPM) software allows healthcare leaders to link their business intelligence with current strategies, key performance metrics and dynamic action plans aimed at producing clinical, financial and operational breakthroughs in performance. Currently in use by more than 300 healthcare provider organizations, OnFocus Healthcare was named to Gartner’s list of “Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers” in 2013.

“The acquisition of OnFocus Healthcare broadens the MedeAnalytics product portfolio into a key area for our customers’ enterprise performance management,” said Andrew Hurd, MedeAnalytics Chairman and CEO. “Providers and health plans will now be able to leverage the crucial insights from MedeAnalytics to create robust action plans aimed at driving results across hundreds of employees, facilities, departments and clinical settings.”

This new integrated offering will allow customers to:

  • Track and maintain key initiatives across hospitals and health systems in one centralized location and identify and address delays and negative performance variances before they become a problem;
  • Assign accountability for each initiative, and monitor progress in real-time across all areas of an organization;
  • Measure the success of a portfolio of strategic and operational goals, improvement initiatives and action plans across a hospital or an integrated delivery system;
  • Deliver smart “action plans” and best practices across the most critical areas for providers; and;
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency on achieving key business objectives and targets in less time, with fewer resources and with a greater impact on the bottom line.

“The key to success in healthcare today is all about execution – quick, predictable and efficient. OnFocus customers will now have the dual benefit of combining MedeAnalytics’ solutions offering seamless aggregation, integration and analysis of disparate clinical, financial and operational data with OnFocus’ planning and performance management capabilities – from one integrated system,” said Steven J. Mason, Jr., President and CEO of OnFocus Healthcare. “We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity this acquisition provides for our customers and other performance-driven healthcare organizations.”

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About MedeAnalytics

MedeAnalytics provides evidence-based insights to solve a real problem that plagues healthcare – how to use the immense amount of patient data collected along the care continuum to deliver cost-effective care and promote a healthier population. Its analytics platform delivers intelligence that helps healthcare organizations detect their greatest areas of risk and identify opportunities to improve their financial health. It empowers providers and health plans to collaborate and use data to strengthen their operations and improve the quality of care. MedeAnalytics’ cloud-based tools have been used to uncover business insights for nearly 1,000, healthcare organizations across the United States and United Kingdom. The company has also been named one of Modern Healthcare’s top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare for 2014. For more information, visit

About OnFocus
OnFocus Healthcare, Inc., serves a broad cross-section of healthcare organizations, including large for-profit systems, community and non-profit hospitals, as well as large academic medical centers.  Launched in 2008, the company supports high-performance healthcare organizations through the delivery of performance-based technology solutions and advisory services.  For more information, visit