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Fall, winter bring cooler weather and HEDIS Season

By Product Consulting Team

November brings cooler nights, changing leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and, of course, the kickoff to HEDIS® season. Amid eating too much turkey and stuffing, many of our Healthcare Quality Assurance colleagues also are entering the HEDIS MY 2020 data submission season.

Why Enterprise Analytics Should Be More Like A Book, Less Like A Spotify Playlist

By Product Consulting Team

People like stories. We like to tell them. We like to read them. Enterprise analytics is the story of a healthcare organization. Just like the chapters in a book, enterprise analytics takes “readers” from the beginning to the end, from chapter to chapter without interruption.

Crystal ball not necessary: predictive analytics helps health systems reduce denials

By Product Consulting Team

The idea of having a crystal ball to better understand what claims will be denied is an awesome concept. But one we can’t rely on. Thankfully, we have predictive analytics to take the place of a crystal ball.

How did we get here? Hospital analytics and the new normal

By Product Consulting Team

I have heard the word “unprecedented” so many times in 2020 that it has lost its significance; many of us have become desensitized to the extraordinary changes in the world this year.

Population Health Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Product Consulting Team

In speaking with many colleagues throughout the provider and payer healthcare community, I’ve found an overwhelming sense of helplessness to the outbreak’s onslaught. This is exacerbated by the constant evolution of reported underlying medical conditions that indicate a higher risk of hospitalization or mortality for a coronavirus patient.

COVID-19 and the Financial Storm Ahead for Providers

By Product Consulting Team

Across the country, healthcare organizations are seeing 40%-80% declines in monthly charges with some of the most profitable services lines only seeing 20% of their normal monthly volumes during the pandemic.

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