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Value-Based Care Administration

Implement purpose-built infrastructure for
value-based care networks

Value-based care networks are composed of many multifaceted and interdependent entities that must work collaboratively to be successful. This many-to-many system of relationships is complex to navigate. Healthcare organizations need an integrated, configurable data platform with end-to-end management to simplify and streamline efforts.

Using robust contract management and financial payment capabilities, payers and providers can realign downstream reimbursement, incorporate SDOH resources, and demonstrate real-time performance impact with robust dashboards. By melding value-based reimbursement programs with whole-person health models, you can deliver higher quality care, significantly reduce costs, and streamline fund transfers.

Build a patient-centric, service-focused approach to precision health challenge


Legacy data systems are not able to utilize the unstructured data (charts, notes, images, etc.) that produces and informs actionable insights


Traditional approaches do not support the "network of networks" infrastructure that allows scaling of value-based contracts and/or payment model adoption


Lack of timeliness, transparency and advanced analytics in legacy systems hinders productivity, accountability and decision-making

Behind the scenes

We’ve partnered with HSBlox, an industry-leading contract and payment management organization, to empower you with the tools and support necessary to deliver value-based care successfully and sustainably in a single solution.

Read the press release to see how we are working together to enhance value-based care outcomes with data-driven insights, performance optimization, and seamless fund transfers as part of the industry’s most complete value-based care management solution.

Dive deeper into Value-Based Care Administration

Download the data sheet to see how Value-Based Care Administration helps:

  • Payers optimize networks, track performance, and manage contracts
  • Providers evaluate quality, improve payer relationships, and streamline payments

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Healthcare payers and health plans

Healthcare Payers and health plans

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Healthcare Providers and Health Systems

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