The role of analytics in whole person care: 4 key takeaways

David Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer at MedeAnalytics (right), being interviewed by John Lynn, Founder and Chief Editor at Healthcare IT Today.

The idea of whole-person care as critical to health equity initiatives was a significant theme at AHIP this year. During the conference, Healthcare IT Today met up with David Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer at MedeAnalytics and former National Vice President, Customer Analytics and Reporting at Kaiser Permanente, to talk about the key role of analytics in enabling whole-person care approaches and empowering health equity advancement.

Here are four of the key takeaways of the dialogue:

  1. Fragmented approaches to health and wellness are not sustainable. The pandemic highlighted and exacerbated the broken nature of the system, motivating payers and providers alike to take a more comprehensive approach to supporting their communities.
  2. Inequitable care is not quality care. It’s imperative that healthcare takes a more flexible approach—whenever possible—to accommodate the diverse needs of the population.
  3. Before we can drive change, we need integrated data. In order to fully understand the person (not just the patient), healthcare organizations need to collect, organize and analyze data effectively. `Only when we are dialed into key insights about social drivers of health, barriers to accessing care, environmental factors impeding progress, and more will we be able to effectively target efforts to address these challenges.
  4. Augmented intelligence holds a great deal of potential. Leveraging augmented intelligence can help organizations make the most of limited resources by creating simple action items out of complex data sets. Capabilities including built-in forecasting, trending, narratives, and clustering work in the background of the analytics to generate customized, clear insights for users of all focus areas and experience levels.

To hear more on this important topic and see how MedeAnalytics is playing a key role in driving whole-person care, watch the full interview.

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