HIMSS Webinar Recap: Organization-wide process and performance transformation yields significant results for Oregon Health and Science University

MedeAnalytics and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) co-hosted a HIMSS Learn webinar exploring the power of data to measurably improve case mix index, CC/MCC capture rates and physician engagement. In fact, OHSU successfully leveraged self-service analytics and reporting to:

  • Increase CMI by 21%
  • Grow average rate of return (ARR) 159% per CDI specialist per month
  • Achieve dramatic improvements in CC/MCC capture rates.

To open the webinar, healthcare expert and VP of Go-to-Market Strategy at MedeAnalytics, Andy Dé, explored various challenges and opportunities for growth that healthcare providers are encountering in the (almost) post-pandemic state of our nation. (Read more of his perspective and advice in part two of his four-part series on the future of digital health.)

The webinar spotlight then turned to OHSU’s Angela Alday, MD, Medical Director for Coding and Documentation Integrity, and Jennifer Grubb, RN, JD, Assistant Director of Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Coding and HCC Teams. Together, they detailed the transformation that took place at OHSU through a partnership with MedeAnalytics.

OHSU was looking for a reliable, self-service data and analytics solution to improve CMI and CC/MCC capture, as well as support the CDI team. MedeAnalytics offered the flexible, individual-specific reporting and powerful, user-friendly cohort comparison charts and benchmarking analytics OHSU needed. Together, the two organizations navigated four phases of process and performance improvement:

  1. Established strong project leadership and governance structure
  2. Built multitalented, interdepartmental project team
  3. Assessed gaps in data and CDI processes and patient medical records
  4. Implemented best practices, including:
    • Expanding CDI team to add a medical director, manager and nurse specialists for Medicare population
    • Training CDI teams to adopt self-service analytics technology and share meaningful results out to executives
    • Identifying documentation improvement opportunities to capture additional revenue
    • Reporting physician-level performance to stimulate involvement in ongoing education
    • Incorporating physician advisors and champions to drive clinician engagement in performance enhancement initiatives

This organization-wide process transformation yielded significant results for OHSU, even exceeding their set goals:

Goal: Improve CMI by 15%

Result: Improved CMI by 21%

Goal: Increase average rate of return per CDI specialist by 100%

Result: Increase average rate of return per CDI specialist by 159%

Goal: Grow CC/MCC capture rates by 5%

Result: Grew CC/MCC capture rates by over 5%

Hear directly from OHSU on their analytics journey by watching the HIMSS webinar.

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