Cheers to 30 more years!

MedeAnalytics recently celebrated 30 years of impact. In the spirit of celebration, our CEO Steve Grieco sat down with Andy Dé for a special Impact Innovation Fireside Chat.

They discussed big wins of the past three decades, ambitious strategies for the years to come, and the critical role analytics play in ushering the healthcare industry into a new era of value-based care and health equity. Enjoy this summary of their engaging dialogue!

Andy: Steve, how does it feel to be at the helm of a successful analytics company as we commemorate 30 years of growth and impact?

Steve: It’s a really exciting time! I want to first thank our partners and stakeholders for their wonderful collaboration over the past 30 years. I also want to recognize our talented teams here at MedeAnalytics; they work diligently and passionately every day to advance healthcare forward. Finally, it is incredible to realize that analytics has been fusing into healthcare spaces for decades—and MedeAnalytics was one of its original pioneers. We’re proud of this legacy!

Andy: What are the key pillars that underpin this growth strategy?

Steve: Innovation, data science, partner centricity, and security. Let me elaborate a bit…

  • Innovation: We’ve made multi-year investments in our tech stack capabilities and solutions and built our cloud-based, enterprise analytics SaaS platform from the ground up.
  • Data science: We truly have long standing core competence in this area. AI and augmented analytics are not easy to build and refine, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. The AI technologies we are now leveraging really allow us to supercharge our analytics expertise and create incredible impact for our clients.
  • Partner centricity: We pride ourselves in being easy and flexible to work with. We are dedicated to learning our partners’ goals, objectives and needs—and using those inputs to drive our actions and our roadmap. We’ve strategically built and positioned our enterprise platform to add value and impact across the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Security: We keep a laser focus every day on security and compliance within our platform, our processes and our people. It’s an extremely high priority for us, and for those we work with.

Andy: Being a pioneer in this space definitely set MedeAnalytics apart over the last 30 years. Now that we are joined by many other companies, what will set us apart in the next 30?

Steve: We have invested heavily in research and development, and we’ve never had such an aggressive innovation roadmap. We’ve built cutting edge data fabric architecture, with vast interoperability capabilities that not only seamlessly connect, cleanse, and integrate the data from disparate sources—but also activates visualization tools and delivers seamless bidirectional capabilities. We are always applying cutting edge technology to our clients’ unique challenges—really stretching the bounds of size, speed and flexibility from the datasets we ingest. 

Additionally, our data fabric allows us to collect and synthesize information from a variety of disparate sources. These capabilities are amplified by our augmented analytics and best-in-class existing analytic datasets that are in place on both sides of the house. Importantly, having both sides of the equation is the unique secret sauce here. It allows us to reduce friction and duplication of effort, ensuring that resources are used wisely and all solution users are working off the same secure, reliable information.

Andy: Do you have any examples of how MedeAnalytics is solving healthcare problems in innovative ways?

Steve: I have several! But I’ll stick to just four.

First, our Back Office Suite provides critical claims data or revenue integrity insights, which provides clinical data that is extensively useful to organizations who are pushing forward on value-based care initiatives.

Second, we’ve built a tool called MedeAchieve. This enterprise performance tool equips our clients to develop, organize and execute on strategic and operational objectives across the organization and to drive measurable improvements in patient outcomes and financial performance.

Third, we’ve recently added new datasets to our Employer Insights solution that can help identify quality measures and gaps in care. Now, payers and employers can constructively engage and make decisions based on valuable additional insights. Through our data fabric, we seamlessly push those insights to the employer to foster a collaborative action plan between the payer and the employer. Any selected KPIs and action plans can be set up within the Employer Insights application with a click of a button, and the initiative can be tracked from start to completion.

Fourth and finally, we can bring SDOH data into our Quality Insights solution, which is focused on population health management. By combining this data with all of our other information, we can create that 360-degree view of the patient and then proactively identify and predict the patients who are most at risk. Of course, we identify care gaps as opportunities to proactively intervene and improve outcomes—especially for the most vulnerable patients.

Andy: In a few words, what is your vision for the future of MedeAnalytics and the healthcare industry broadly?

Steve: Our vision is to create a collaborative healthcare ecosystem where data flows seamlessly and securely amongst all constituents—and we can present it in a way that adds value to each of those stakeholders. Our enterprise analytic SaaS platform is bringing this vision to life, and I’d like to invite all partners or potential partners to join with us in this journey to enhance care coordination, reduce redundancies and improve patient outcomes.

For valuable insights and updates, keep an eye on our LinkedIn. We’ll be hosting more Impact Innovation Fireside Chats in the coming months with leaders across MedeAnalytics.

Watch the replay from LinkedIn Live:

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