Andy Dé

Andy Dé is the Chief Marketing Officer. Andy joined MedeAnalytics in March 2021 bringing more than 20 years of enterprise software product marketing, product management and industry strategy experience. In his role, Andy oversees the company’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy and marketing. He is passionate about healthcare innovation and is recognized as an industry thought leader in healthcare.

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The future of digital health part 4: Convergence of AI and analytics for healthcare payers

The future of digital health part 1: Are you prepared for what’s on the horizon?

By Andy Dé

healthcare visionary and thought leader Andy Dé discusses how COVID-19 has triggered remarkable digital transformation and predicts how healthcare delivery will likely change as a result. Follow along the next few weeks as Dé uncovers five long-term innovation implications that providers, healthcare leaders, and payers need to consider.

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