Over the past three decades, we have worked tirelessly to reimagine healthcare through the lens of analytics—and helped thousands of organizations achieve their potential along the way. This journey has featured new names, incredible innovation, and measurable impact for payers, providers and payviders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

But we’re not done yet. 

Building on the foundation set forth in 1993, MedeAnalytics is an innovation-focused company, taking 30 years of knowledge and applying it to the challenges healthcare organizations face today.

From revenue cycle management to value-based care and population health management

Leveraging state-of-the-art analytics, our solutions provide actionable insights to support healthcare organizations as they navigate the complex healthcare landscape. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, alongside the most advanced data orchestration in the industry, we provide insights that empower organizations to improve their financial, operational and clinical results.

Looking ahead, our solutions for value-based care and population health management will play a pivotal role in helping organizations make a successful transition from fee-for-service while continuing to support revenue cycle management.

Our analytics solutions can enable proactive care interventions, efficient risk stratification, and streamlined care coordination (to name a few). This allows organizations to optimize their resource allocation, experience superior patient outcomes, and achieve population health management goals.

And, that’s just the beginning.

In order to help organizations succeed, we're focusing on:

  • Optimizing provider networks with network optimizer
  • Comprehensive data source of health empowering holistic understanding
  • Promoting health equity and seamless interoperability
  • Modern UI/UX for a superior executive decision-making experience
  • Link registrar activities to financial outcomes in real time
  • Managed action: connecting insight to follow-through
  • And more!


MedeAnalytics incorporated as Paradigm Health, Inc.


Paradigm Health changes its name to MedeFinance


MedeFinance becomes MedeAnalytics, Inc.


MedeAnalytics introduces its move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions


MedeAnalytics acquired by JLL Partners


MedeAnalytics introduces its revolutionary Data Fabric to transform healthcare

Prioritizing our technology investment

We’ve made substantial investments in our Data Fabric-enabled Cloud platform, allowing our productized SaaS solutions to run on cutting-edge innovation. This means our unparalleled suite of analytics solutions can transcend traditional boundaries, delivering actionable insights to executives, managers, clinicians and analysts with the power to create better outcomes for both the organization and the patient.

5 key pillars of our Data Fabric platform

The foundation of our approach is a meticulously designed data fabric. Each thread plays a key role in helping organizations make decisions confidently and see measurable impact. This includes a strategic focus on providing:


Workflow interoperability

All data
in one place

Augmented Analytics powered by AI/ML

New, modern
user interface

See more of our vision come to life

To commemorate our 30 years in business, our executive leaders are sitting down every two weeks on LinkedIn for lively conversations, exciting show and tell, and an inside look at how we’re driving measurable impact at leading healthcare organizations. Get caught up on past Chats. 

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