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MedeAnalytics is a leader in healthcare analytics, providing innovative solutions that enable measurable impact for healthcare payers and providers. With the most advanced data orchestration in healthcare, payers and providers count on us to deliver actionable insights that improve financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. To date, we’ve helped uncover millions of dollars in savings annually.

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Looking back at HIMSS22

By Editorial Team

Our MedeAnalytics team was thrilled to be back in person for this year’s HIMSS event, after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation was unparalleled, and the energy was invigorating. If you were there – get excited to revisit the experience. If you weren’t – all the more reason to explore our…

Success Story: How Ballad Health achieved enterprise-wide strategy alignment

By Editorial Team

A key to success for any organization is finding a way to unite departments and individuals around common objectives and a shared strategic plan. For large health systems that employ thousands and have hospitals across multiple states, this alignment can be highly difficult to achieve. With the right approach and a strong data analytics platform,…

Success Story: Large Midwest health plan maximizes employer client value with improved analysis and reporting

By Editorial Team

A unique requirement of running a successful health plan is staying current on the needs, trends and metrics of employers in vastly different industries. Though homegrown reporting solutions can be effective for a time, eventually client list growth and shifting demands pile up – and a more robust, comprehensive approach is needed. Enter: MedeAnalytics. The…

Success Story: Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital engages physicians in continuous performance improvement initiatives

By Editorial Team

Physicians are constantly balancing numerous priorities and being pulled in various directions. Though performance growth and clinical documentation improvement are highly beneficial for patients in the long run, it’s difficult to engage already-stressed clinicians in initiatives that don’t demonstrate immediate impact.  With MedeAnalytics robust data and analytics platforms, Hoag Memorial was able to establish a…

Success Story: Large, Customer-Owned Health Plan Deployed automated, detailed reporting to exceed client expectations

By Editorial Team

The Challenge This health plan had quickly expanded to over 15 million members in five states. As a result, the legacy reporting solution its 4,000 users had relied on was not able to accommodate the data and analysis necessary to continue succeeding and expanding. It needed the new platform to provide intuitive, high-volume reporting with…

Success Story: How Wise Health System used real-time data to elevate performance and patient satisfaction

By Editorial Team

A recurring theme here on our blog is discussing the powerful effects a culture of analytics can have on hospitals and health systems. In this post, see how Wise Health System used MedeAnalytics solutions to cultivate this type of culture – leading to improved revenue cycle management and enhanced customer care. The Challenge Large, Texas-based…

Success Story: How UF Health tackled analytics challenges to improve revenue cycle efficiency

By Editorial Team

A significant amount of waste and financial loss within healthcare organizations can be attributed to inefficiencies within daily processes and programs. Realizing room for increased productivity within their revenue cycle management, University of Florida (UF) Health partnered with MedeAnalytics to catalyze change.   The Challenge  Two not-for-profit hospitals – UF Health Leesburg and UF Health The Villages – were renowned for their clinical procedures and outcomes, but…

HIMSS Webinar Recap: Organization-wide process and performance transformation yields significant results for Oregon Health and Science University

By Editorial Team

MedeAnalytics and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) co-hosted a HIMSS Learn webinar exploring the power of data to measurably improve case mix index, CC/MCC capture rates and physician engagement. In fact, OHSU successfully leveraged self-service analytics and reporting to: Increase CMI by 21% Grow average rate of return (ARR) 159% per CDI specialist per…

How to spark support for important analytics initiatives

By Editorial Team

MedeAnalytics hosted a webinar with Fierce Healthcare to explore three industry experts’ perspectives on building analytics strategies and maximizing related investments. One of the key themes that emerged during the conversation was the importance of a strong rollout and adoption plan for new analytics investments. In this post, we walk through key elements of gaining…

Success Story: How Nebraska Methodist Health System leveraged analytics to transform revenue cycle efficiency

By Editorial Team

Patient accounting systems (PASs) are valuable sources of revenue cycle information for hospitals, but they are often not equipped with the deep analytics capabilities necessary to quickly identify trends and make changes. Realizing this, not-for-profit health system Nebraska Methodist partnered with MedeAnalytics to maximize the value of its patient accounting system. The Challenge: Leadership at…

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