Social Risk Insights

Improve community engagement with risk-based outreach

Research shows that social determinants of health (SDOH) can be more important than healthcare interactions or lifestyle choices in health status and trajectory for individuals and communities. The World Health Organization estimated that SDOH accounts for between 30-55% of health outcomes. When organized and analyzed appropriately, SDOH can go beyond clinical data to provide a more holistic view of patient lives and circumstances informing strategies for risk stratification, care coordination and population health management. When it’s not deployed intentionally, however, SDOH is just more data with a lot of potential but no realized purpose.

How are you using SDOH data today?

There are seven primary domains of community social risk that must be considered together in order to get a full picture of population health and gaps in care:

Financial strain

Food insecurity

Housing instability

Transportation barriers

Health literacy challenges

Digital landscape

Social isolation

When healthcare organizations integrate these seven domains of SDOH data with clinical, claims and other traditional health data, they can illuminate where and how various risk factors are impacting community outcomes and business performance.

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Don’t do it alone

Data can be hard to wrangle, but you don’t have to take it on alone!

In MedeAnalytics’ Social Risk Insights solution, we hand you a unified platform using state-of-the-art data fabric and augmented analytics capabilities to provide you a comprehensive population health view. A commitment to health equity, customizable features and action-oriented outputs are just a few of the many benefits this solution offers. Organizations are empowered with actionable, strategic recommendations, creating unparalleled opportunities for healthcare organizations to improve outcomes, manage costs and advance equity at scale.

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