CAHP Annual Conference

We hope your experience at CAHP was worthwhile and left you with some strategies and tools that will be useful at your organization. We'd love to keep the conversation going!

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MedeAnalytics is actively helping California health plans gather the tools they need to deal with rapidly changing regulations, make progress on critical Medicaid expansion initiatives, and advance value-based care across the state.

Learn how our analytics equip plans with the data they need—including network adequacy, cost drivers, health equity, patient experience, and behavioral health access—to understand member populations better and deliver targeted services.

MedeAnalytics and Socially Determined partner to provide a more holistic view of patients and members with integrated social determinants of health data


This pivotal partnership paves the way for optimized value-based care through actionable SDOH insights. MedeAnalytics CEO Steve Grieco spoke to the immense benefits stating, "This will allow further risk stratification for focused interventions, leading to better care coordination, patient engagement, cost savings, and stronger, healthier communities." Read the press release.

With the success of CalAIM, OHCA’s cost commission, and behavioral health expansion on the line, California health plans are working diligently to identify trends, target precious resources and respond effectively to difficult-to-reach populations. To accomplish these objectives, however, plans need more tools in their toolbelt.

With our solutions in hand, you can:

Increase interoperability and transparency via a robust, secure, cloud-based platform

Improve inter-agency cooperation through responsible data sharing

Aggregate clinical and claims data for a 360-degree view of member/beneficiary care

Facilitate identification of care gaps, health inequities, provider quality, and patient compliance and satisfaction

Apply SDOH data to initiate community risk assessments and facilitate collaboration with community supports

See what analytics can do for you

We are facilitating value-based care through a unified, interoperable, cloud-based platform to:

  • Evaluate social determinant factors to inform community supports and care management strategies.
  • Ensure adequate provider coverage across diverse specialties and geographic regions.
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of care coordination efforts and patient satisfaction.

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