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Presented by: Lyn n Caroll\, \;Chief Operating Officer\, \;HSBlox \, Deepti Sharma\, SVP Product Management\, \;HSBlox\, David Wolf\, AVP Product Management\, \;MedeAnalytic s

A contract administration a nd management system must support payers\, providers\, \;payviders\, A COs and patients \;where ever \;they are on \;their value-base d care journey. A successful platform enables end-to-end administration an d support for multiple payment models\, supports superior patient \;ou tcomes over volume\, and monitors\, benchmarks and improves contract adher ence and performance. Please join this presentation to learn how an analyt ics- and AI-enabled end-to-end contract management system can help you sca le\, measure\, \;analyze and improve your value-based performance acro ss partners and stakeholders.