Surgical Throughput

In the operating room, factors like delayed start times, turnover times, and surgical practice pattern variation can greatly affect efficiency and outcomes. Surgical Throughput enables you to analyze turnaround times, OR quality, and efficiency for a full picture of surgical performance, ultimately increasing OR volumes.

Standardize OR Processes and Outcomes

Improve efficiency to increase OR volumes

Optimize scheduling and turnaround times

Reduce physician frustration

 Let Your Data Tell the Story

Surgical Throughput was designed to help you analyze OR operations so you can identify the source of systemic delays, standardize processes, and increase OR volumes. See what our clients have achieved:

Reduced delays

Predictable case scheduling

Reduced last-minute cancellations

Faster Insights for Better Outcomes

The average surgical case is delayed by 18 minutes or more, so it’s critical to streamline OR operations, improve scheduling, and identify the source of systemic delays. Surgical Throughput enables you to:

Improve OR Utilization
Increasing efficiency and utilization in the preoperative process is key to maximizing the use of the OR.

Troubleshoot Inefficiency
Analyze your OR data to identify the source of delays, last-minute cancellations, and long turnovers. Your data can help you pinpoint the causes of ineffective utilization.

Satisfy Patients and Physicians
Aggregated OR data can help you reduce frustrating delays and increase standardization to improve surgical efficiency and quality.

Analytics in Action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.




Analyze surgical throughput by understanding the average time from incision to close by physician



"Patients arriving late for their surgeries had become a real problem. Our data helped us identify a fix."

"We were able to increase OR volumes by a significant percentage."

“Analyzing cancellations by specialty helped me address the problem with the right teams."