Supply Chain

Second only to labor costs, supplies make up one of the largest cost drivers for health systems. Supply Chain analyzes your purchase orders and invoices to identify patterns in spending and opportunities for savings. With supply chain insights, you can maximize contract discounts, react to new supplies or price changes, evaluate vendors and substitute sources, and compare actual spend to budgets.


Analyze Supply Costs and Utilization


Reduce overall supply spend


Ensure the use of GPO pricing


Monitor vendor prices and billing

 Let Your Data Tell the Story

Supply Chain was designed to help you better understand costs and utilization in the supply chain. The data enables you to gain a full picture of supply chain performance and ensure supply spend falls within budget parameters. See what our clients have achieved:


Spending patterns analysis


Reduced Supply Spend


Improved vendor contract compliance

Faster Insights for Better Outcomes

When budgets are tight, the supply chain is one of the first areas to target. With access to supply chain data, you can hold vendors accountable to contractual obligations, encourage the use of negotiated GPO and vendor tier prices, and engage departments in cost savings opportunities. Supply Chain enables you to:

Monitor and Reduce Spend
Supply chain insights help you identify opportunities to save money and ensure spending aligns with organizational budgeting directives.

Engage Departments
Use data insights to engage individual departments in cost-saving efforts and hold departments accountable to supply budgets.

Monitor Vendor Activity
Actively monitor vendor activity through vendor scorecards. Hold them accountable to contractual obligations and track sudden changes in price or volume for individual supplies.

Analytics in Action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.




Identify opportunities for cost savings by analyzing overpayments by item class



"We rely on our supply chain data to tell us where we’re over-spending and how we might save.”

"Keeping our vendors in check is crucial. My data lets me make sure they’re fulfilling contracts.”

"Some departments rely too much on specialty supplies. I use the data to show them where they’re overspending."