Service Line

As reimbursements shrink, profitability is less about increasing volumes and more about finding efficiencies. Service Line helps you understand costs and utilization, and with big-picture oversight into physician variation, you can take control over the financial health of your service lines.

Evaluate Service Line Profitability

Drive out excess costs

Pinpoint clinical variation

Engage physicians in data-driven conversations

 Let Your Data Tell the Story

Service Line was designed to help you gain a complete understanding of service line margins and profitability, identifying the causes of high costs and practice variation. See what our clients have achieved:

Reduced cost per case

Improved clinical standardization

Accountability for high-cost physicians

Faster Insights for Better Outcomes

With clinical variation becoming a chronic problem, it’s important to identify the source of that variation and its effects on margins and profitability. Your data can help you engage physicians in meaningful conversations with irrefutable data and peer comparisons. Service Line enables you to:

Drive Profitability
Increase profitable growth with informed service line strategy. You can troubleshoot excess costs, practice variation, and clinical necessity.

Engage Physicians
Engaging physicians in costs and utilization is key to profitability. You can use scorecards, peer comparisons, and guided analysis help keep physicians accountable.

Understand Bundled Payments
When you analyze service line data, you can better understand and negotiate bundled payments and other risk-based arrangements.

Analytics in Action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.




Identify cost per case and how service line excess dollars compare to benchmarks



"Seeing evidence of clinical variation in their peers made a difference to our physicians.”

"The data helps us see how changes in patient demand affect our margins."

“Our participation in risk-based contracts will grow. This data prepares us for the future."