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Revenue Integrity Suite

In value-based care, clinical operations are vital to your bottom line. The Revenue Integrity suite provides solutions that enable efficient management of your internal and external audits, complete visibility into audit trends and risk analysis, and actionable insights into clinical documentation and coding improvement opportunities. With these tools, you can maximize reimbursements, minimize audit risk and quickly resolve operational challenges like coding and billing delays.

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Connect clinical activity to
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Let your data tell the story

The Revenue Integrity Suite is designed to evolve with you as healthcare transforms. The complete suite includes packages to support CDI, audit and compliance teams with easy-to-use tools to reduce denials, monitor the impact of documentation and coding performance and mitigate audit risk across hospital and professional services.

Our clients have achieved:


less time spent building reports


increase in case mix index


shorter length-of-stay

“It’s all about having a true picture of patient acuity and approaching cost and quality in a collaborative way.”
—Lynn Giddens-Branscum, VP of Revenue Cycle & Audit, Wise Health System
"We wouldn’t have been as successful had we not had a tool like MedeAnalytics."
—Trevor Snow, VP of Health Information Management, Ardent Health Services
"Revenue Integrity helps us meet auditor deadlines and proactively look for risk."
—Director, Revenue Cycle

Workflows and insights for better outcomes

Whether you need a quick, top-line view, benchmark comparisons, or detailed drill-down analysis, the Revenue Integrity Suite offers fast, reliable answers to your important questions.

Audit Monitor: Expedite audit response and track improvements 
Track and manage internal, government and commercial payer audits for hospital and professional settings and monitor performance with Audit Monitor.

CDI Insights: Achieve clinical, financial and operational improvements
Easily access data insights around documentation and coding to allow for rapid delivery of actionable education for your providers with CDI Insights.

Compliance+: Connect compliance improvements to financial success
A comprehensive audit and risk management solution that includes our Audit Monitor product, Compliance+ helps to protect revenue and proactively manage compliance with actionable insights into audit risk, audit volumes and more.

Physician Insights: Holistic support for hospital and professional fees
Physician Insights supports the professional practice space by identifying potential opportunities and risks in documentation and coding for professional claims.


Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization and analytics innovation to facilitate smarter decision making.

Monitor important metrics like case mix index and MS-DRG distribution

Evaluate coding performance as it relates to denials
Understand the reasons for your mid-cycle denials
Track top reasons for audit from government contractors
Conduct monthly trend analysis of audit requests by auditor
Benchmark E/M code usage to CMS

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