Public Health

As Medicare and Medicaid costs continue to rise, state and federal agencies are challenged to find new ways to improve costs and quality outcomes. MedeAnalytics Public Health allows you to use historical and real-time data to design action plans that evaluate utilization and improve population health for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Analyze Medicare and Medicaid Data

Evaluate incentive programs and interventions

Identify high-cost claimants and chronic conditions

Proactively identify fraud, waste, and abuse

Let Your Data Tell the Story

MedeAnalytics Public Health was designed to provide insights into cost and utilization trends, managed care organization performance, provider efficacy, long-term care performance, and member risk stratification—to help you better manage growing Medicaid and Medicare populations and costs.

Medicaid’s share of U.S. healthcare expenditures

Americans covered by Medicaid

Total Medicaid expenditures

Source: CMS, 2016

Faster Insights for Better Outcomes

Public Health gives you the analytics you need to identify gaps in care, target fraud, waste, and abuse, ensure MCO accountability, and streamline quality measure reporting. It gives you the power to predict areas of concern and proactively manage high-cost claimants and chronic conditions—ultimately improving the value of your Medicaid or Medicare program. Public Health enables you to:

Identify Gaps and Transitions in Care
With targeted interventions and integrated care, you can improve clinical and behavioral outcomes by identifying gaps in care like medication non-compliance and practices that lead to readmissions.

Target Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Fraud, waste, and abuse are systemic problems for public sector agencies. Predictive and comparative analytics play a crucial role in rooting out any vulnerabilities.

Ensure MCO Accountability
With benchmark comparisons, you gain the insights needed to ensure MCOs implement strategies to improve the coordination of services, especially for high-cost members.

Streamline Quality Measure Reporting
Greater insights into quality measures enable you to target chronic conditions and create outreach programs. The data enables you to better understand quality measure performance, achieve compliance, and ultimately improve quality care.

Analytics in Action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.





Understand mental health and chronic conditions by geographic location.



“The same cognitive technologies we’ve come to rely on in our personal lives and across health care organizations can now be put to work in Medicaid, helping agencies to cut costs and improve patient care.”

—Deloitte Insights

“We use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of our incentive and outreach programs. We no longer make educated guesses on how we’re doing.”

“With everything from geographic analysis to risk stratification, the data helps us better understand our members.”