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Provider Analytics

Potentially Avoidable

In value-based care, maintaining a solid provider network is key to improving outcomes. Provider Analytics gives you interactive visualizations so you can increase efficiencies and productivity, reduce costs and grow revenue. It helps you understand provider behaviors so you can build stronger partnerships.

Optimize provider networks


Profile providers across cost, quality, and efficiency


Steer care to high-value providers


Identify costs and partners for risk arrangements

Let your data tell the story

Provider Analytics was designed to give you the data you need to evaluate your provider networks. You can gain control and visibility into provider performance while also evaluating bundled payments and risk-based arrangements. See what our clients have achieved:


Time spent analyzing provider networks


Reduced expenses and improved rates


Increased value-based contracts

Faster insights for better outcomes

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs or increase visibility over provider performance, Provider Analytics provides the data and sophisticated algorithms you need. With complete visual data exploration, you can profile providers, analyze network structure and reduce medical expenses. Provider Analytics enables you to:

Drive quality
With insights into provider practice patterns, you can assist in improving the delivery of quality care. You can profile providers to identify high performers and uncover patterns that align with your cost and quality initiatives.

Improve networks
When you have complete provider insights, you can ensure your networks align with cost and quality strategies. You can establish tiered-value networks, identify provider credentialing and steer care to select providers.

Reduce costs
Use your data to gain insight into cost savings. With the right data, including geospatial analysis, you can recapture out-of-network services and improve negotiations and contractual rates.

What our clients say:

"By segmenting providers by utilization, specialty, cost, and geography, I know exactly where to focus my efforts."

"Through collaboration, payers and providers gain common information, reduce duplication, and achieve greater accuracy and timeliness.”

—Henry Loubet, Chief Strategy Officer, Brokerage and Consulting Client

"We use the data to encourage in-network care, especially for services that account for a large majority of our costs."

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.

Evaluate detailed provider data in one view

Evaluate provider cost efficiency with visual data exploration
Use geospatial analysis to identify opportunities to steer clear to select providers
Understand provider network relationships to create tiered-value relationships

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