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Physician Insights


Physician Insights supports the professional practice space by identifying potential opportunities and risks in documentation and coding. Through robust analytics, you can identify billing and coding audit risk for professional claims line items, find unspecified code usage, and compare E&M by specialty with benchmarking based on Medicare Part B Physician/Supplier procedure summary data (PSPPS). Risk trends teams are equipped to create mitigation and education plans to improve clinical and financial outcomes with this product in the Revenue Integrity Suite.

Let your data tell the story

Physician Insights supports professional claims data on our unified Revenue Integrity Suite. See what our clients have achieved:


less time spent building reports


improvement in RVU performance


reduction in E/M coding variance

Fast Insights for better outcomes

Whether you need to quickly identify areas of improvement around documentation integrity, reducing denials, or HCC analysis, Physician Insights offers fast, reliable answers to your important questions. Physician Insights enables you to:

Go from reactive to proactive

Easily access data insights that identify gaps in coding and documentation that allow for education and proactive efforts to protect revenue

Self-Service Analytics reduces time to success

User-friendly environment ensures real-time insights into financial, clinical, and operational improvement opportunities are self-service so interactions around date happen efficiently

Holistic support for hospital and professional fees

Physician Insights can support independent physician groups of be part of a complete Revenue Integrity Suite for large scale, data-driven initiatives across large health systems.

What our clients say:

“Leveraging data-driven insights from our CDI initiative helped us engage and educate our physicians, foster healthy competition, and enable higher productivity and performance.”

—Michele Morton, Director of HIM Services at HOAG

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. See how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate smarter decision-making.

Benchmark E/M code usage to CMS

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