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Medicaid Enterprise Analytics


Ever-growing Medicaid enrollment is exposing inefficiencies in reimbursement and care delivery that are directly affecting managed care organization (MCO) bottom lines.

Medicaid Enerprise Analytics delivers key insights into Medicaid beneficiary data that enables plans to understand cost drivers, gaps in care, demographic and SDOH impact to improve care outcomes.

Faster insights for better outcomes

Whether you need high-level trend analysis or granular beneficiary details, MedeAnalytics provides the easy, intuitive access to the information you need to improve plan performance and efficiency, share and track success metrics, and measure the impact of care interventions.

Medicaid Enterprise Analytics enables you to:

Analyze and segment populations

Use population risk stratification to identify and support high- or at-risk patients who would benefit from targeted care plans. Assess the social determinants of health that could be affecting access to necessary or preventative treatments.

Evaluate care costs and utilization

Clinical and claim data in one view provides real-time and historical trend analysis. Compare total cost of care by different provider groups on an apples-to-apples basis. Analyze variances across regions, providers and accounts.

Improve alignment and transparency

Align providers with health plan goals. Share and track success metrics and measure the impact of interventions. Facilitate data-driven capitated rate discussions.

Let your data tell the story

Medicaid Enterprise Analytics integrates clinical and claim data into a single view so MCOs can evaluate how members are utilizing and accessing care and develop plans to improve beneficiary care quality, costs and outcomes.

Our clients have achieved:


fewer inpatient admissions


less time tracking utilization and costs


lower PMPM medical costs

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the examples below to see how we facilitate meaningful insights through intuitive navigation and powerful visualization for measurable analytics impact.

Inform outreach campaigns and care plans based on socio-economic indicators

Track Medicaid QPP performance against key payment thresholds
Enable cluster recognition of patients with chronic conditions
Review beneficiary compliance by quality measure categories
Perform comprehensive ILOS analysis
Assess behavioral health data to create targeted care plans

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