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To succeed in today’s evolving marketplace, payers and providers need flexible and configurable analytics that fully address their individual business needs. But building analytics applications from scratch is costly and complex. MedeCreate gives you the power to quickly build, customize and implement analytics applications so your organization can uncover actionable insights and improve decision making.

Build and customize on a single platform







Fast forward to even smarter healthcare with limitless analytics insights

Healthcare is constantly changing and leveraging a one-size-fits-all analytics approach doesn’t serve every organization’s unique goals. MedeCreate is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), offering you the power to customize analytics solutions on the MedeWorks platform and get the insights you need to make even smarter decisions.

Customize and innovate with Platform as a Service: MedeCreate lets you import and validate your data, associate it with custom dashboards and views, and integrate it with other MedeAnalytics solutions. It gives you a single source of truth, with data integrity, data stability and visualization capabilities of the MedeWorks platform.

Deliver analytics quickly and cost-effectively: Take advantage of MedeAnalytics’ fully managed and secure analytics platform. Gain the flexibility and agility to deliver the speed to insight your decision makers expect. MedeCreate enables you to personalize MedeAnalytics SaaS applications and develop new analytics solutions at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining them yourself.

Strengthen decision making: With MedeCreate, you put custom analytics applications in the hands of those who need them most. Decision makers have the insights, dashboards and benchmarks they need to strengthen revenue, improve patient experiences and drive quality outcomes.

Trust a platform built for healthcare: There’s no shortage of analytics applications on the market. But only MedeAnalytics offers the healthcare-specific expertise required for today’s changing industry. With 25 years in healthcare, we’ll continue to modernize our platform—with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, guided analysis and more—to meet the needs of payers, providers and public organizations.

Create data insights you can trust

MedeCreate enables you to address all your analytics needs on one platform.

Decision makers can see on one platform where data originates from, how a metric is calculated and who has access to the data and reports, driving confidence, collaboration and alignment throughout your organization.

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