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Analytics solutions can be powerful tools for enterprise-wide transformation, but they must be fully embraced and utilized to justify the expenditure and help staff extract full benefits.

MedeAdopt is a self-service tool that provides real-time, on-demand product usage analytics and a communication channel for successful onboarding and training using in-app messaging—all seamlessly integrated with your MedeAnalytics solution.

Maximize returns on your investment

Reduce burden and increase compliance

Achieve proactive and timely identification of improvement opportunities to create value and solve challenges before user satisfaction is impacted.

Streamline onboarding and quickly ramp up productivity

Use custom guides to drive awareness and utilization of key features and data points, enabling your users to get up and running efficiently and effectively.

Drive and evaluate individual and overall adoption

Get the real-time, actionable usage data you need to identify patterns, track user paths, and compare utilization.

Measurable impact

With MedeAdopt, our clients can anticipate:


increase in new feature adoption


improvement in customer communications at scale

"Can I just say we've been trying to get this data for so long? And we just did it in two seconds. This is awesome!“

— Sr. Data Management Consultant, National Health Plan​

”MedeAdopt positions me to be proactive rather than reactive to problems and best practices.”​

— Director of Employer Reporting, Regional Blue Plan

Using data to drive adoption

MedeAdopt is a self-service tool that layers into your existing MedeAnalytics solutions to provide the data points and trends you need to make smart business decisions and guide user behavior.

With it, you can:

Segment users to find patterns

Use the analytics to understand behavior
Customize tutorials, guidance and reminders

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