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Get big-picture insight into profitability and performance

With the shift to value-based care, today’s health systems are finding new ways to ensure financial viability. As fee-for-service plays a lesser role in billing practices, healthcare leadership must focus on profitability and operational performance to reduce costs and deliver value.

"The healthcare industry leaks approximately $2 billion each year due to wasteful or preventable spending."

– American Health Policy Institute

Supply Chain

Reduce supply chain spend

Second only to labor costs, supplies make up one of the largest cost drivers for health systems. Supply Chain analyzes your purchase orders and invoices to identify patterns in spending and opportunities for savings. With supply chain insights, you can maximize contract discounts, react to new supply or price changes, evaluate vendors and substitute sources, and compare actual spend to budgets.

  • Analyze spending patterns and reduce spend
  • Ensure the use of GPO pricing
  • Monitor vendor prices and billing
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