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CDI Insights empowers CDI and coding teams with actionable data to identify opportunities that are often obscured in high level program metrics. With the ability to segment and drill into the data, CDI teams can quickly uncover where physicians would most benefit from targeted education.

CDI Insights, part of the Revenue Integrity Suite, provides coding impact analysis, chronic conditions and HCC analysis, documentation and coding performance, and mid-cycle denials analytics. Trends and root cause analyses equip teams with the knowledge they need to take a strategic approach that can be measured and communicated across the organization, powering better outcomes for all involved.

Let your data tell the story

CDI Insights is designed to evolve as healthcare transforms, allowing CDI teams to rapidly adapt how they monitor the impact of documentation on coding performance.

See what our clients have achieved:


increase in case mix index


shorter length of stay


increase in CC/MCC capture rate

Insights for high performing Clinical Documentation Integrity teams

Whether you need a quick, top-line view, benchmark comparisons, or detailed drill-down analysis, CDI Insights offers fast, reliable answers to your important questions. CDI Insights enables you to:

Achieve operational improvements in the utilization of CDI and clinical members valuable time by knowing where to focus greater efforts.

Easily access data insights around documentation and coding to allow for targeted, not general education for your providers, all based on their own data.

Quickly identify where the CDI team can support improvement of documentation completeness and conciseness to help ensure claims are submitted accurately

Comprehensive data analytics help segment and allow for rapid drill-down into data so the CDI team can support clinicians when greater specificity is required to ensure that claims are submitted accurately.

Holistic support for hospital and professional billing

Professional billing can be easily managed independently or as part of a single-platform approach.

What our clients say:

“Actionable analytics from MedeAnalytics have been invaluable for our CDI program. We have seen measurable improvements in our CMI and CC/MCC capture rates, which have augmented revenue capture.”

—Jennifer Grubb, Assistant Director, Clinical Documentation, In-patient Coding and HCC Teams Oregon Health and Science University

"We wouldn’t have been as successful had we not had a tool like MedeAnalytics."

—Trevor Snow, VP of Health Information Management, Ardent Health Services

“Leveraging data-driven insights from our CDI initiative helped us engage and educate our physicians, foster healthy competition, and enable higher productivity and performance.”

—Michele Morton, Director of HIM Services at HOAG

Analytics in action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate smarter decision making.

Monitor important metrics like case mix index and MS-DRG distribution

Evaluate coding performance as it relates to denials

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