June 5, 2020

Public Health

MedeAnalytics delivers insights to manage costs and improve population health

MedeAnalytics helps government healthcare agencies and health plans with Medicaid and Medicare members make sense of large volumes of fragmented data to improve outcomes, reduce costs and ensure quality care.

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Complementary Solutions

Enterprise Analytics
The focus on cost and quality is changing how healthcare operates. Never before has data been so vital to your success.  Enterprise analytics lets you unlock your data’s hidden potential with one platform, one vendor, and one source of truth to deliver timely, trustworthy insights across departments and throughout the healthcare ecosystem. MORE>

Performance Management
Performance Management combines robust analytics with action planning, resource assignment, progress tracking and performance monitoring—all in one closed-loop performance improvement system—to ensure the organization is on the same page at the same time, working toward the right goals and achieving the best possible results. MORE >