March 2, 2020

Bridge the Gap with Actionable Insights

Recent research shows that perceived payer and provider misalignment continues to impact their ability to achieve care, cost and quality goals.

Find out what payers and providers think about collaboration efforts, including: 

  • Obstacles to alignment 
  • The role of analytics in value-based care 
  • Perceived misalignment 

Download our infographic to find out what payers and providers really think about their progress towards gaining value-based care insights.

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Complementary Solutions

Population Health for Providers
In value-based care, achieving healthy outcomes is key. But without analytics to stratify and identify high-risk, high-cost patients, interventions are guided by guesswork. Population Health aggregates clinical and claims data to help ACOs and self-insured providers identify at-risk populations, improve care management and engagement, and enhance population health initiatives. MORE >

Population Health for Payers
In value-based care, achieving healthy outcomes is a priority. But without analytics, your interventions might be guided by guesswork or inaccurate historical data. Population Health helps you identify and evaluate at-risk populations so you can improve care management and engagement. MORE >

Quality Management for Providers
Providers are now on the hook to report on quality measures, and the stakes are only getting higher. Quality Management helps you analyze readmissions, gaps in care, patient safety indicators, patient mortality, hospital-acquired conditions, and potentially preventable procedures—so you can easily determine your compliance and get back to patient care. MORE >

Quality Management for Payers
As the industry focuses on quality, it’s important for health plans to implement quality management programs that monitor and support quality care measures. Quality Management offers insights that enable you to understand performance, achieve compliance, and ultimately improve quality care. MORE >