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Intelligent Analytics Platform

There's knowledge in data and power in knowing what to do with it. Designed for today’s healthcare providers and payers, our MedeWorks platform includes intuitive visualization, predictive analytics, benchmarking, guided analysis, and machine learning.

With these innovations, the platform infuses powerful capabilities into our SaaS solutions, gives you access to an unparalleled depth of data, and helps you make smarter decisions now—and as your needs grow.

Unmatched Data Orchestration

The key to turning raw data into meaningful insights is our unrivaled data orchestration. With more than two decades of research and development, our data orchestration makes analytics meaningful, accessible, and actionable across the entire healthcare enterprise.

Data Feeds

Solving the challenges of data fragmentation and organizational silos, we bring data from more than 3,000 systems and 25,000 daily data feeds into a high-performing repository.

Technology Stack
High-Speed Data Pipelines

MedeElevate: Advanced Analytics Innovation

Capitalizing on your data requires more than just generating reports. It requires innovative analytics capabilities. MedeElevate offers intuitive visualization, predictive analytics, benchmarking, guided analysis, and machine learning.

Visualization & Benchmarking

With a common look and feel, and a superior user experience, our visualization capabilities enable you to better understand your data. Benchmarking and drill-down capabilities are built into the platform so you can easily spot trends, draw comparisons and ask questions of your data.

Machine Learning
Guided Analysis
Predict Future Outcomes

Healthcare-Ready SaaS Solutions

As healthcare mandates continue to shift, the need for empirical data insights increases exponentially. Studies show that healthcare generates more data than any other industry. But historically, healthcare has lacked the technology to unlock value from the vast amount of information it possesses. Our healthcare-ready SaaS analytics solutions change that.

For Providers

Extending insights across the provider enterprise, our analytics solutions give you strategic intelligence into financial, operational, and clinical areas of your health system. We offer solutions for revenue cycle management, cost and operations, and value-based performance.

Enterprise Performance Management
For Payers
Enterprise Analytics

MedeCreate: Build Your Own Custom Apps

In today’s vast and ever-changing healthcare landscape, it’s unlikely that any one solution will serve your every need. Our healthcare-ready analytics solutions go a long way toward helping you access data insights, but now you can build your own applications with MedeCreate, our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

The PaaS Advantage

With our PaaS offering, you can develop, run and manage applications without the complexity associated with building and maintaining the required infrastructure on your own.

Custom Analytics
One Place for Analytics

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