Workforce Quality Insights

Automatically see the impact of front-end performance on financial KPIs

Patient access activities are directly and significantly affecting denials, cash flow, and POS collections. How much visibility do you have? What pieces of the puzzle are you missing?

Most hospitals are wasting a substantial amount of manual effort and reporting resources to understand how front-end activities are impacting revenue cycle outcomes. Even with extensive data and powerful EHRs, healthcare leaders struggle to gain critical visibility into performance.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Front end

Patient registration

Patient pay estimation

Eligibility & insurance verification

Prior authorizations

Back end

Explore our solution and imagine what it could do for your organization.

See WQI in action: Walk through by expert consultant Jennifer Rydd


Jennifer Rydd, RHIA, CRCR

Director, Solution Consulting

Provider Market

Jennifer is a revenue cycle expert with a background in electronic medical record implementations, sales support and management of revenue cycle operations. She graduated with a degree in Health Information Management. She combines career expertise in revenue cycle, health information management, patient registration and EMR documentation with strong professional skills in workflow and operational analysis to offer incredible leadership to the Provider Consulting team at MedeAnalytics and consistent support to our clients.

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Catch issues before they turn into unmanageable problems


Without real time insights to measure and monitor patient access activities, errors and inefficiencies that start in the front-end are magnified and multiplied as they go unchecked throughout the revenue cycle.

With Workforce Quality Insights, real-time performance analysis and reporting on front-end activities allows managers to identify, address and avert problems on specific activities and staff before they impact back-end financial health.

Compatible with any solution

Our SaaS solutions run on cutting-edge innovation using our Data Fabric-enabled cloud platform, offering the most advanced data orchestration and interoperability in healthcare.

No matter which EHR, analytics platform, third-party vendor, or other system your organization uses, Workforce Quality Insights sets up the data linkages necessary to facilitate end-to-end revenue cycle performance improvement.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Disjointed data capture and stretched analytics resources are hindering a holistic view of your front-end department’s performance.

Secure, straightforward data connections give registrars and managers easy access to personalized and collective dashboards respectively, giving them essential visibility into how point-of-service activities and your staff are impacting back-end financial performance.

Instead of wasting time jumping between ten individual data points, four siloed systems, two screens, and a myriad of other distractions, you can use Workforce Quality Insights to pinpoint the specific activities and staff that are impacting revenue capture.


Make a positive impact

With end-to-end revenue cycle insights, you can...

Automatically monitor and quantify the quality of pre-service activities at an enterprise, facility, department or individual staff level

Gather real-time, longitudinal insights into the quality of registrations, cash collections and estimates

Use drill-downs for root cause analysis to drive holistic revenue cycle improvements

Provide a holistic view of patient access’ downstream impact on the revenue cycle

Target specific front-end processes and training opportunities for staff

Identify areas for operational changes

Gain insights into the quality of pre-service activities of cash collections and estimates

Enable identification of areas for operational process improvements

Get ROI feedback on financial health based on operational changes

Enhance your EMR and financial systems by eliminating manual effort and freeing up resources


Download the data sheet for next-level details about how Workforce Quality Insights can transform your organization’s financial health.

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