Population Health Payer Innovations Virtual Event

May 17-18, 2022   |   Virtual

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Perspectives on three paradigm shifts for payers and providers in value-based care

Listen in to an interactive exchange between MedeAnalytics thought leaders David Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer, and Brett Schelenski, AVP, Medicaid Enterprise Analytics Strategy, around ways health care organizations can better partner to level the playing field for patient care.

In this session, the presenters will share perspectives on:

  1. Payers and providers holding each other accountable for equity
  2. Leveraging data to foster the quality and effectiveness of care
  3. Ensuring equal and open access to behavioral, physical and social health care
Diverse group of young doctors standing together in a hospital corridor discussing a patient's diagnosis

How can healthcare organizations successfully transition to person-centered care?

To successfully adapt to the changes and new requirements in value-based care, payers and providers must have robust, accurate data. Access to strong reporting and thorough analysis is essential to successfully improve the equity, completeness, and quality of care for patients.

You will need to:

  • Ensure access to data and analytics
  • Lay the groundwork for interoperability
  • Establish transparency and accountability across care settings

How are other payers transforming patient outcomes?

ConcertoCare - a California 'payvider' delivering high-touch, individualized care-came to MedeAnalytics with a few key goals:

  • Address vulnerable populations
  • Reduce hospitalizations for target groups
  • Segment population groups for effective care management

Using MedeAnalytics' Population Health solution, ConcertoCare grew analytics and reporting capabilities, including determining "impactable" populations for interventions, aggregating data for patient stratification and cost analysis, and obtaining actionable insights about vulnerable patient populations. With predictive analytics, they were able to identify high-risk and rising-risk patients for in-home care delivery.


ConcertoCare realized incredible return on their analytics investment, ultimately creating significant impact across the organization, including:

reduction in ER visits
reduction in admissions
reduction in readmissions

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