Provider Network Optimization

Gain powerful insights into provider network performance and efficiency

Monitoring and assessing provider networks has traditionally been a very manual, resource intensive process. Decisions are often made without having supporting data or visibility into network or provider performance, adequacy of networks, or the resulting member outcomes.

When network decisions are grounded in comprehensive data and analysis, payers can better support and engage providers in performance improvement initiatives and facilitate value-based contracting. Having this insight allows payers to steer members to the right providers, establish tiered networks, and ultimately, improve the quality and cost of member care.

How are you managing your provider networks today?

With the right network optimization tools, payers can:

Perform provider peer comparisons using normalized metrics

Improve provider attribution and transparency in contracting

Monitor and assess provider efficiency and quality

Assess network adequacy and referral patterns

Facilitate care coordination among network providers

See network optimization analytics in action

NI-Network Insights logo. Monitor member coverage and provider outcomes to create high-performing provider networks.

Why partner with MedeAnalytics for provider network optimization?

Network Insights provides comprehensive network optimization tools that allow payers to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of care delivery at scale by ensuring high-performing networks.

With full transparency into costs, utilization and quality, payers can make better decisions on the network provider mix and partner with providers to incentivize quality and care coordination across the network.

How to build high-performing provider networks with next-generation analytics

Seamlessly scale your provider networks to offer more high-quality services and better patient outcomes. With unified, reliable data and extensive self-service analytics tools, you can optimize your network's performance to make sure your members get nothing but the best care and the smoothest experience.

Putting analytics to work: Strategies to engage providers in data-based behavior change


In this ebook, you'll find evidence-based, data-powered ways to rally disparate groups into value-based care action.
Read for a gold mine of information, strategies and tips to guide your plan's value-based care journey, including:
  • 5 goals of provider performance improvement
  • 5 keys to engaging providers in performance improvement
  • 10 best practices for implementing a provider dashboard
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