Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

August 21-24   |   Denver, CO   |   Booth #602


In true Colorado form, MedeAnalytics is ready to help your organization scale mountains of data, fire up powerful analytics tools, and hike to the top of your potential.

Learn how our Medicaid Enterprise Analytics platform allows DOMs to get the right insights—including network adequacy, provider engagement, health equity, maternal and mental health—to better meet managed care oversight responsibilities and improve program operation.

States have increasingly realized a serious need for the ability to identify trends, target precious resources and respond effectively to difficult-to-reach populations. To accomplish these objectives, states must have the tools and resources required to control and assign access to their data insights and securely share data across their provider networks.

If you missed us at Booth #602, it's not too late. We'd love to meet with you and share how you can leverage our powerful, out-of-the-box analytics to interrogate data with your existing BI tools and data science modeling software. With our solutions in hand, you can increase interoperability and transparency by incorporating disparate data sources into our data lake and aggregating that data at the population and individual levels.

With this technology, states can monitor and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of care, understand health disparities to better meet beneficiary needs, and improve inter-agency cooperation through responsible data sharing.

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