Our Strategic Partnership

Competition within the Medicare Advantage market is only growing more intense as membership expands. Experts propose that there are four elements needed for health plans to compete:

  • Robust utilization and care management
  • Efficient and effective network design
  • Accurate risk stratification
  • Excellent star rating performance

Analytics is at the foundation of all these elements.

For you, we see three key action items:

  1. Integrate multiple, disparate systems to yield accessible and actionable data
  2. Uncover a comprehensive understanding of population utilization and risk
  3. Establish a clear path forward to achieve increased star ratings

Countdown to go-live:


MedeAnalytics provides tangible value

We know healthcare; we know the Blues.

MedeAnalytics’ sole focus is healthcare. We have over 200 cumulative years of healthcare expertise on our Product Consulting team, with 56 of those years spent working at Blue Plans.

We collaborate with some of the largest Blue Plans in the country—several are multi-state like Anthem—spanning 20 states.

We focus on the solution by asking “how can we...?”

As a customer, Anthem would benefit from the ease-of-use and timeliness to insights that MedeAnalytics has become known for.

Our data orchestration is unmatched in the industry; we do the data heavy lifting so you can access centralized analytics and find critical answers about member utilization, population risk and gaps in care.

We are confident in our ability to deliver results.

Our mission to “enable measurable analytics impact in healthcare” is at the heart of all that we do.

We seek to understand the unique challenges and goals of each client to ensure that we exceed expectations, deliver exceptional value and generate significant return on your analytics investment.

Client success story

reduction in ER visits
reduction in admissions
reduction in readmissions

Client: ConcertoCare

Challenge: Lack of actionable insights into clinical quality and utilization associated with vulnerable patient populations

Solution: Deployed MedeAnalytics’ Population Health solution to stratify risk in the population and identify appropriate areas for intervention

“We were able to significantly decrease unnecessary utilization for an entire population with MedeAnalytics’ predictive analytics.

The insights allow the ConcertoCare home-based care team to intervene with patients to slow down disease progression and keep them safely out of the hospital, while uniquely addressing their myriad complex care needs.”

- Dr. Chris Dodd M.D., Chief Clinical Officer, ConcertoCare

MedeAnalytics client care package

MedeAnalytics prides itself in its customer-first approach to implementation, delivery and ongoing support.

From the onset of joining the MedeAnalytics community, a dedicated team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a seamless transition, gain user adoption and get the most value out of your investment. Guided by our corporate values, we are collaborative, relentless, accountable and inventive.

You can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Your dedicated team


Account Management Services

Our collaborative and consultative advisors work to ensure the success of your MedeAnalytics relationship – from implementation to iteration and beyond. They offer:

  • Deep expertise in payer HIT best practices
  • Regular touch points and proactive problem-solving
  • 24-hour support and phone assistance

Your dedicated Account Managers connect you to experts throughout our organization and client base, including:


Implementation Services

Integrate our analytics solutions using MedeAnalytics':

  • Proven implementation methodology and approach
  • Standard healthcare data models
  • Best practice playbook for change management initiatives
  • Experienced enterprise software delivery team

Onboarding & Adoption

Observe utilization trends of your MedeAnalytics tools with:

  • Expanded analytics around onboarding and adoption​
  • Segmented views of user logins and interactions
  • Time and usage reports on features and pages

Product Consulting Services

Achieve your long-term business outcomes by relying on:

  • Real-world subject matter and product expertise
  • Value realization optimization
  • Best practice assessments and KPIs

Knowledge Management & Training

Get the tools and support your users need to be successful, including:

  • Proven training programs and resources
  • Experienced instructor-led training
  • Comprehensive library of product user guides and eLearning trainings
  • Online help features embedded in solution

MedeAnalytics Community Events & Forums

Network and share successes with the MedeAnalytics community and beyond, via:

  • Annual client Impact Awards
  • Client Impact Partnership
  • Customer reference program
  • Payer Innovation Exchange events

Data Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Be confident in your data security and compliance knowing we have:

  • The most stringent levels of certification (HITRUST, SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA)
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • A Corporate Compliance Committee led by our Chief Information Security Officer

Success framework

MedeAnalytics will work with Anthem to customize a strategy for improving star ratings and guiding providers to elevate their quality measures. At a high level, success will be driven by:


Leveraging an integrated analytics solution that provides focus to the most impactful quality measures


Fostering a collaborative environment between payers and providers using a centralized data repository and robust analytic scorecards


Activating data-driven campaigns to beneficiaries, encouraging them to leverage their covered services


Analyzing member satisfaction to identify opportunities for improvement and create action plans to improve the member experience

 Our solutions are made by healthcare people, for healthcare people.

We can't wait to help drive impact at Anthem.

About MedeAnalytics

A leader in healthcare analytics, MedeAnalytics provides innovative solutions that enable measurable impact for healthcare payers and providers. Through advanced data orchestration and self-service analysis, we deliver actionable insights that give payers and their clients the power to build trusted partnerships, strengthen provider networks and improve plan design which translates into efficiency gains, reduced costs and utilization, and superior quality of care for their members.

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