Success Spotlight:
Kaiser Permanente

Harmonizing clinical and financial data
to enable actionable insights

The market is becoming increasingly competitive for health plans...

To be successful and sustainable long-term, plans must comprehensively and powerfully demonstrate the value they bring to its members.

By strategically implementing analytics solutions, plans can work in partnership with their employer groups to understand cost and utilization patterns. Most importantly, these data-informed insights can be applied to improve the affordability and quality of care for members/employees.

Spotlight: Kaiser Permanente

"It’s not about 'delivering reports'... it’s about presenting what we know about our customer and how we can leverage information and KP resources to act as a strategic partner in working towards mutual goals – improved clinical engagement, improved health and lower cost trends."


Kaiser Permanente understands that better data paves the way for healthier members and more successful business. To that end, they developed "Kaiser Permanente Analytics Insights," a strategy founded on enabling actionable insights into the key drivers of care costs, quality and outcomes. With an integrated view of population health and claims data, Kaiser Permanente can:

  • identify risk factors
  • design targeted workforce health engagement strategies
  • track and project population trends
  • understand member care
  • determine the value received from health partners

Continue reading to find out how Kaiser Permanente is bridging the gap between financial and clinical data to add value for their customers.

Enabling deeper insights, responsiveness and satisfaction with Kaiser Permanente’s customers

Hear the compelling story of how Kaiser Permanente deployed actionable, self-service analytics and enabled process improvements to help reach its goals. They improved data lag by 60%, reduced employer ad hoc reporting turnaround time by 75%, increased customer satisfaction and improved reporting value by connecting the dots between clinical and claims data. Watch the webinar below to find out how.

Tap into the power of your data to drive positive transformation

Employers are under intense pressure to stay fully staffed amid the “great resignation,” keep their workforce healthy despite an ongoing pandemic, and reduce unnecessary costs threatening to cripple their operations. Especially since most employers still provide health benefits, successful achievement of nationwide priorities like COVID-19 vaccination, integrated mental health, and population-specific support programs is also heavily dependent on employers’ proactivity and investment.

In light of these factors, Harvard Business Review urges employers to rely heavily on medical expertise, leverage data to tackle costs and provide the right care options, and forge strong partnerships with like-minded organizations. Health plans are in a uniquely opportune position to help employers with these structural changes by providing comprehensive, clear analytics and reporting on utilization trends, population needs, and health outcomes.

In a 2017 article, HR Dive noted “carriers would do well to become partners with employers to solve the real issues of rising costs and a lack of offerings that speak to employees’ practical needs.” In the years since this idea has only grown in importance. Health plans that offer customizable, user-friendly dashboards and data-driven, action-oriented insights are massively and measurably valuable to employers. These capabilities help employers go beyond basic information about benefit usage-drilling down into prevalence of chronic disease within the workforce, ER visit trends among various subgroups, wellness status of specific teams and individuals, and much more.

MedeAnalytics Employer Reporting empowers your health plan with the platform and tools you need to deliver these analytics to your employer clients, helping to build your reputation as an indispensable partner.

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